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4 - Data Explorer

Hello guys!

I’m new here and I’m handling a problem with one of my tables to link with Zapier

I have a schedule tab when a person fill the form, a date filter to “exclude” that date from my available tab. It means, when a person schedule that date, in the {Schedule Date} is a linked record that I can’t get on zapier because it show only the ID record… I need to show the real date, cuz I wanna make a Zap to all the forms I’ll pass to a google sheet.

Sorry if it’s a simples question, but it’s the last thing to end my project.

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hi there!

Zapier will always return the record ID for both linked record fields and lookup fields.

There are two workarounds for this:

  1. Add a formula field which references your date field:

    {Schedule Date}

  2. My preferred workaround: Turn your lookup field into a rollup field. If you’re only pointing it at one date, you can use the aggregate function:


Zapier should now return the new formula field or rollup field as a date rather than the record ID. :slightly_smiling_face: