Re: Simple IF formula is not updating. Even after I press "SAVE".

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I am making what to me seems like a simple change to a simple IF Formula.

The prior version of the formula was: 
IF({Money Out},-ABS({Money Out}),IF({Money In},ABS({Money In})))

This is the new formula. 

IF({Money Out},-ABS({Money Out}),IF({Money In},ABS({Money In})),IF({Debit or Credit},{Debit or Credit}))
For some reason, even after I press "SAVE" after updating the formula, when I go out of the field and come back to the field, I see the prior version of the formula. I do NOT get any ERROR messages. 
And tried repeatedly to update the formula.
I have tried the cache refresh with Com + Shift + R
I even closed all AirTable browser windows, and logged out and logged back in to AirTable. No Joy.
Any help would be welcome.



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It’s because you have too many parentheses after the 2nd Money In, and not enough at the very end of the formula.

And yes, Airtable could do a significantly better job of handling stuff like this.