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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone,

Looking for some help on this case …

The user enters any one value (ISBN Code or Author Name) in the form and gets a result (Book Details corresponding to the author or ISBN Code) displayed in view link.

I have created a MASTER CONTENT table A, with columns naming ‘ISBN Code’, ‘book name’, ‘pages’, ‘author’, with "ISBN code’ as the primary field.

From another table B, I have created a USER SEARCH form, in which "ISBN code’ column is linked with table A.

IN the form, the user enters the ‘ISBN code’ and in return in VIEW of the table, A gets other values corresponding to ISBN Code like Book name/Author Name etc. from Table A using Look Up.

Now I want to create an option in the form in which a User has the option to either fill the ‘code’ or ‘author’ & he can similarly view all the details from table A?

How to pull and Display values by entering either - in the same filed or two separate fields in the Form?

Thanks for taking time and look forward to some comments.

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