Summarize forecasted quantity per product

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4 - Data Explorer

Okay, so I’m new to AirTable, trying to move away from Excel sheets :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m creating a forecasting tool for my sales department. For each project we forecast the number of products that we will sell.

For my purchasing department, I’m creating another tool that will use the summarized number of forecasted products in calculations.

So for example
Project 1:
Product 1 - 30 pcs.
Product 2 - 10 pcs.

Project 2
Product 1 - 5 pcs.
Product 2 - 10 pcs.

I need the sum of Product 1 (35 pcs) and Product 2 (20 pcs) available for further use in another table.

How can I do this?

These qty I would like to summarize in the Product table.


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Please have a look at Airtable’s Rollup formula, which does what you want to achieve (using Sum() as the aggregation formula):