Summing data over tables

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have some tables one of which is contributors and another is contributions. The contributions primary field is the amount of the contributions. One of the contributions field is the Contributor linked field (linked to contributors). I am attempting to sum the contributions from each contributor but it is not working out. Is there a way to sum the contributions attributed to each contributor?

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With the architecture you describe, you should be able to use a rollup field in the [Contributors] table that follows the linked record to [Contributions] and sums the contribution amount. You don’t say exactly why it isn’t working — might you have stored the contributed amount in [Contributions] as a single-line text field rather than a number value? If so, create a formula field in [Contributions] named something like {ContributionValue} with the formula VALUE({ContributionAmount}) (or whatever the name of the primary field is) and roll up that field with the aggregation function SUM(values).

That sounds like a possible solution. I am real new at this, although a bit of database experience, haven’t gotten to the roll up function. Not even sure how to use it. Well,more studying. But thank you

Just as an update, I did study the use of roll up and it worked exactly as expected.

Thanks again for the help