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4 - Data Explorer


Have some trouble with the summary bar. I’m trying to put up a sales report where I need to see the average in percent. According to the former Excel sheet against airtable I get two different values.

In the Excel sheet I get an average of 10,9% and in airtable I get the average 11,83%, using the formula (((sum - {Brt.f.}) / {sum}) -1)*(-1)

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Are you able to provide access to this data?  Hard to say what might be wrong without seeing the data itself.  If it's not possible, I would recommend opening a support ticket

Can you include annotated screen shots? It sounds like you are using a formula in Airtable, but the summary bar in Airtable does not take a formula. The formula you provided also does not look like a typical formula to find an average. Usually the average is a sum divided by the number of items. 

Sometimes small discrepancies are the result of rounding, but I do not think that is the case here. 

Hi, thanks for your answer! I've attache two screen shots and I hope you have a solution, this drive me crazy.

In Excel I used =+G5/F5 and percentage




Airtable Screenshot.jpgExcel Screenshot.jpg