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Troubleshooting a Count Field

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m building a base to track my workouts in the gym. I have a table where each record represents a set of an exercise performed. It has fields for the weight used, the number of repetitions, the name of the exercise (dropdown), and the muscle group worked by the exercise (IF formula based off the value in the exercise field).

I know from a base design perspective that the exercises and associated muscle groups should probably be in a separate table and then linked to the table for sets. However since I will be adding records during my workouts on my phone, I found that the usability was better when keeping everything on a single table. With a linked record when selecting the value, there would be a lag time, the values would not be alphabetized, and I would have to scroll through. Whereas with a field on the table, there would be no lag time, and the values would display in a single alphabetized block.

What I am looking to do is create a table with one record for each muscle group, with a field that counts how many records there are for sets involving that muscle group.

I can already see these numbers if I group my table of sets by muscle group, however I want this in it’s own table so it can display in a more compact fashion and I can manipulate the presentation in some other ways.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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It sounds like you can see the number you want in the summary bar. If you want to see these numbers in a different table, you will need to use a linked record field to your table of muscle groups. Since you are already calculating the muscle group in a formula field, you can use an automation to fill in the linked record field.