trying to create a view to show a total sum of records a particular field

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4 - Data Explorer

so  i have a table to thats shows a field with top 10 finishes which is a formula field that uses the below formula

IF({Amain Finish}<='10','1','0')
what i want to do is create view that just shows how many top 10 finishes we have for each driver.
so for example in this table data i have a total of 3 top 10 finishes
I also have a field called drivers 2 only 2 options (Jeremy and Jaycie)
can i create a view to show just the total of the top 10 finishes then sort by driver so Jaycie would
show 2 top 10 finishes (blue color on date) and Jeremy would have 1 (red color on date). Thank you for any help or assistance
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Hmm, what if you added a filter to only show records where "Top_10_Finished" = 1, and then grouped by the driver field?

That doesnt give me a sum just shows the records of all the ones that have oned

i need to add those all up like using sum then do a filter or sort so  for example. Jaycie has 2 records with ones in top 10 finishes field.  Then i can show driver “Jaycie = 2 top 10 finishes. Then i can use the share code to display on website

Once you've grouped it you should see the counts, right?

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 11.43.29 PM.png

It sounds like you want to see a table where each record represents a single driver and have a field that displays how many top 10 finishes they have?

If so, you'll need to create a table where each record is a driver and link each of them to all of the races.  After that you can add a "Count" field and add a conditional to it to only display "Top_10_Finished" = 1