Re: Workday Difference formula: Can I create this to fill in today's date if another column date is empty?

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6 - Interface Innovator


I’m looking to see if I can modify a WORKDAY_DIFF formula I have:
WORKDAY_DIFF({Date JIRA submitted},TODAY())

Ultimately, I’d like the formula to look at if the “Due Date” column is filled in, and if it is, then return the days between “Date JIRA submitted” and “Due Date”. If “Due Date” is empty, then return the days to TODAY(). Guessing this is an IF statement?

Is this possible?


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Hi @Jeannie_Ruesch_BDC - to avoid fields showing “#ERROR” you first want to check if the JIRA date exists, then if it does, check if the Due Date exists, so this should work for you:

  {Date JIRA submitted},
    {Due Date},
    WORKDAY_DIFF({Date JIRA submitted},{Due Date}), 
    WORKDAY_DIFF({Date JIRA submitted},TODAY())

THANK YOU! That worked - exactly what I needed. And yes - I was getting error on my other formula, so appreciate that, as well.

The Airtable community is amazing. :slightly_smiling_face: