Working with Zapier-imported comma separated values

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4 - Data Explorer

OK… straight to the point…

I’m importing order data using Zapier and the data source from which I am importing only provides comma-separated order data. For example, if a customer buys a qty of 3 of item 1, and a qty of 2 of item 2, I get a record like this: item1, item1, item1, item 2 item2.

I cannot figure out how to get that string into “useable” fields, like an item field and a qty field.

In addition, I also have a price field that acts the same way. For example, in the same order as the above example, I would get: 2, 2, 2, 4, 4. (assuming the price of item 1 is $2 and the price of item 2 is $4).

I’ve worked with, and successfully setup tables with comma-separated order data, but those data sources had a qty field that matched the item and price. This one does not have a qty field.

In a perfect world, the result would be a record that showed each unique item in a field with the associated qty and price in corresponding fields.

Thank you!

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