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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Airtablers,

I am new to Airtable and am working through connecting the base I designed to my Gmail account. I’m currently trying to determine how to write a search formula that will identify if the subject of an email contains a Contact Name. (This is as a part of the “Find or Create Record” zap.)

So what I’m going for is, if I receive an email with subject “Hello from Jane Doe!”, when Zapier runs that against existing Contact Names, they ID that yes, in fact, I do already have a record for Jane Doe, or no, I don’t have a record for Jane Doe, and one is automatically created.

Currently, the Search By Field and Search Value fields result in the creation of a “Hello from Jane Doe!” record, which I expected. The problem is that, as a novice, I can’t seem to identify the function(s) or operator(s) that might get me the result I’m going for.

The good news is my workplace is a small one, so not finding a solution won’t be the end of the world. The bad news is that, as a small workplace, no one has ever felt the impetus to streamline operations, and the amount of double (and triple, and quadruple…) entry is buckwild. Saving the step of manually checking emails against records will be very, very helpful.

Help me, Airtablers, you’re my only hope!

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