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Automated grouping but additionally need the reverse...

Hi there!I've created and automation that does the following when a record getting updated...Watches FIELD A for update (which I do a copy/delete/paste of 50 records to trigger)Finds all records where FIELD A contains FIELD A (identical names)Updates...

chrisberry by 6 - Interface Innovator
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airtable automations with integromat

Hi! I've been trying for two weeks to create some automations with integromat but i can't find a solution, can someone explain me step-by-step the necessary integromato flow (i'm sorry but i haven't knowledge in the field).I have a two tables in Airt...

salvatore by 4 - Data Explorer
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Automation to update linked record field

Hi folks,I'm having trouble with setting up an automation correctly involving 2 tables.Table 1: Feedback, Table 2: Users.Users (that already exist), complete a form in the Feedback table.I want to set up an automation that finds the matching User ent...

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Trouble displaying Custom Buttons in Interface

Hello Airtable communityI've been diligently working on a time-tracking solution in Airtable for a nonprofit organization. Inspired by a YouTube video from Dan Lehman, I aimed to craft a system where volunteers could easily log their hours during a p...

UWTSAVITA_0-1692209070556.png UWTSAVITA_1-1692209150980.png
UWTSAVITA by 4 - Data Explorer
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Table format in emails

I want to create a table in my send email automation because there are several features that I want to put in the email and formatting as a table makes it easy to understand. I tried creating a table using markdown and HTML but it isn't working.  

mshah72 by 6 - Interface Innovator
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