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Display JSON table output from automation script in email

Hi, I am building an automation.I have a custom script filtering out records that required filters not possible with the built in find records actions.I set the output to be a JSON object that looks something like this    [ { Record Id: "3197", Ful...

Automating data dump

I need to amend my previous so please run with this one.  I am importing data from bitquery, that data is being appended to my main table.  I need to compare the currency values for duplicate records, replace and delete the records without ruining th...

veltsy86 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Can Airtable pull social media engagement metrics?

Hi,I've been using Airtable to track the performance of my company's social media metrics so I can pull out trends based on the topic and format of the posts.The problem is that the data from the posts (e.g. LinkedIn reacts and comments) is not kept ...

Plyke by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Merging records and retaining category data

I have a table with 1000 rows containing films information. I have a field called provider, which lists Netflix amazon prime etc. The issue is when a title is on both amazon and Netflix I end up with 2 rows. The provider field has their respective pr...

Patch Request Unprocessable Entity Error In Postman

Hi,I'm trying to test a Patch request in Postman but getting an error.  I cannot find the semantics error.  Anyone see what's wrong?  I'm fairly positive my headers are correct because they work on all my other Postman tests for Airtable.  This is my...

Total in colums and send email

 hi !! can someone help me? i need to send a email dayli, a greed whit total sales in determinate date, how i  can  get a total for each colums, and send in the email ? . 

for air table .png
16655008 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Airtable Developer Needed

We need to create an automation for receiving products to assign Barcode to Refurbishment to Dispatch Automation through Airtable. We are a product refurbishment company. Need to share Data within teams 

neeraj by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Dynamically Pull Data From Two Rows?

Hi all, I'd appreciate a bit of help.I am trying to make a two product comparison page. I have all product specifications in one table like this: And I want to pull the specs data on this other "compare pages" table depending on which two products ar...

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Vutropush by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Search databases when creating a form

Hello,I'm new here and I need help. Firstly, English is my second language, sorry for the grammatical mistakes.I want to set an automatization when someone submittest a form to Table "Dary" (donations), I want it to search two other tables "Kontakty"...

Dreuna_ by 4 - Data Explorer
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