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Using automation to link records

One if the biggest pain points I run into every day with Airtable, is trying to link records automatically.  A {formula field} that needs to feed into {linked field}.  If only there is an easy way to do this, any suggestions? My current solution is r...

changirene by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Updating information about employee attendance in another table

Hi everyone! I'm trying to build monthly employee attendance with NFC tag. Basically when you "scan" nfc tag with your phone, it open up AT Form for submitting your entry or leave (start in the morning, start of the break, end of the break and end of...

SpelaU_1-1713272485109.png SpelaU_0-1713272359217.png
SpelaU by 7 - App Architect
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Unlinking or Refresh Linked Records in Field

Hello!I am hoping someone might be able to help. I have a PROJECTS table and a STAFF table, and a link between them to see all the projects that are assigned to each staff member. Once a week, projects that are completed are archived and removed from...

Change Start Date based of Predecessor Deadline

I am looking at the template "Project Management" Template which has some good wireframes for my next project.Let's say under "Mars Explorer," / "Design 3D Model" as shown below if I change the status to "In Progress," and my start date is a bit earl...

Yerko_Begic_0-1712791984576.png Yerko_Begic_4-1712793035867.png Yerko_Begic_5-1712793103603.png
Yerko_Begic by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! Automatically extract files in an attachment field

Hey, is there a way to separate files in an attachment field in airtable?Currently we have customers submitting photos into an attachment that automatically creates a new airtable record. These photos are stored under the one attachment field in airt...

jakepap by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Batch Upload Images to Create New Records

Hi all - I work for an image retouching company and have a table in my base named Assets. These are all images that get linked to projects in a different table. Some of my projects have up to 50 assets. I have been adding new thumbnails for each asse...

AI Assist no longer using GPT-4?

The AI responses in an automation action have drastically deteriorated. I suspect the reason is Airtable is no longer calling GPT-4. Previously, you could choose between GPT-3 or GPT-4. Now it is a toggle that says "Use AI models that optimize for be...

claimdepot by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Prefilling a form based off a previous Record

Hello! My team and I are currently trying to find a way to when a faculty member already planned a trip with us before the fields that they had filled out last year, that all of that information gets repopulated in a form and if there are any changes...