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Automatic JIRA Cloud Extension Pull

Hi!I've been looking to see if it's possible to have the JIRA Cloud Extension automatically pull down to a defined table within a base at given intervals rather than to have to manually click the "Pull from Jira" button.Was looking at the automations...

chrisberry by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Automation, Extension

Hi guys How (or is it) is it possible to save and attach a document what is generated by the extension?With Page Design I designed a bill, and I would like to attach that bill to the exact data.Is that possible?Thank you all for any thoughts

Grimi by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Sending email automation from extension

Hello, I recently created a weekly report using the Extension feature's Page Designer. Now I want to send this report every end of the workweek (Fridays) using automation, but could not see a straightforward way to do so. I have to manually export t...

annslim by 4 - Data Explorer
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Slack Workflow Builder has trouble searching for records

When creating a custom workflow within Slack - the workflow builder fails.The 'Select a record' action returns the following: "Sorry, there was a problem trying to add your step."Even if I use a SEARCH query such as {Project Name} = 'Adelaide Street'...

Sean_Wilson by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Print attachment (QR code) for a single record

I have built an inventory management system, where each item is a record in a table. I was able to add an extension that creates a QR code for each record and saves it as an attachment in PNG format.  The intention is to print that QR code on a label...

Resolved! Triggering CreateFieldAsync script by time interval

I'm not normally a scripter, but just spent two weeks trying to put this little routine together and make it work. The script calculates the date one year in the future and uses it to rename a new column in the format MMM'YY.  After loads of trial an...

Script create & name row.png Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 00.05.46.png
Paul_Thompson by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Autopopulate address field

Hi! 2 things…I’m trying to find a workaround so that when you being typing in the address field, the address starts coming up like in Google maps. I have the map extension installed and can not figure it out. From what I’m researching it’s not possib...

Debbiedis by 4 - Data Explorer
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My download link alters the file (image) name

Hi, I have a list of images in my table.Every image has a unique name. When I generate links for those images, the script alters the file name in something like  M3dW46KbO3yqx_jfWYnF3SwxGH6d9PEdzd4yeZbX3dID2qspnfxaSfTEpkB3b7iNsbSQj4Hpg/10xqzlyS2mPOE3...