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Prevent Duplicates During Automation

I am pulling in data from a webhook to create entries.  I need to prevent entries from being created if they already exist.Is there a way to use the Find Records and Conditions to prevent this from happening?If so perhaps there is a guide somewhere? ...

worsin by 4 - Data Explorer
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Inquiry About Cross-Account Automation Capability

Hi Team,I've one particular requirement that if  I can replicate records from one base to another, especially when these bases are located in different accounts.  I'm aware of Airtable's robust automation features and wonder if there's a solution or ...

RSk by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Outlook privacy

Hi there,Is it possible to use Automations to create calendar events for Outlook which hide the attendee list? I can create events fine using my fields, but the attendee list is shared in full.

SSeaton by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Search and Update Record Between Tables

Hello,I am trying to set up an automation where if the invoice number column of a record in the "Payments received" table matches the invoice number column of a record in the "Invoice" table, it will update the "Invoice" table record with a checkbox.

tahsinh by 4 - Data Explorer
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Personal Access Token to send data to Make

Hello.  I'm not a developer but I managed to create a button that when clicked sent a webhook to Make to run a scenario.That process has now broken because of the whole API thing (which I don't understand).  Can anyone tell me how I make the button s...

Daisy_Drury by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Slack Actionable Message

I have this actionable message automation that doesn't seem to work.  I can see it failed and the recipient was not filled out. A typical non-actionable Slack automation seems to work fine and I can see a recipient.Is there something I am missing?  

kacalica_1-1709320171241.png kacalica_0-1709319998198.png
kacalica by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to connect Airtable to Amazon Workmail?

Hello!I'm trying to automate my email workflow using Airtable, but I'm encountering a limitation as I use AWS Workmail for my email service. Currently, it appears Airtable only offers built-in integrations with Gmail and Outlook.Is it possible to con...

CW_LR1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Getting "User Action" from Slack Actionable Messages

I am looking to get the user ID from the person who interacted with a Slack Actionable Message. From the Automation Run History, I see the User ID is saved, but for an audit trail I would like to automatically assign that user to the record they acte...

Ben_Young by 4 - Data Explorer
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new shopify order

hello every one,so i set my trigger on "When webhook received" (i receive a webhook for every new order in shopify) the problem is i wont to create a line on airtable for every line item and it has to contain all clients detail and product info relat...