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Resolved! Automation script exceeds 30 sec limit

My script was working and then it wasn't after I increased my records from 50 to 100. With 100 records the script was being terminated after 30 seconds. 30 real time seconds is an eternity for computers. I will paste my simple script below and apprec...

Alexi_Mosnov by 6 - Interface Innovator
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How can I update multiple records in Airtable? (Efficiently)

Text:I am interacting with two tables in my AirtableFirst table: "Payment History," where I have a lookup column called "Unpaid Delivered Tasks" that displays codes in a format like "#C0005, #F0055, #T800."Second table: "Sales," where the first colum...

Zylan by 4 - Data Explorer
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Fillout forms overrides customer information in airtable

We need to create individual customer forms that they fill out that populates their specific products. ( A filtered view that only displays their products.) I got the form to properly populate responses in our base to the respective customer.The prob...

RE1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Webflow checkbox form data to display text in multiselect

I am attempting transfer checkbox data from Webflow form using checkbox fields for multiple selects it returns a value of TrueTrueTrueFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse via webhook what is the best approach to convert the true false value to multiselect ...


Resolved! Make scenario is successful but not pulling any data through

Hi, I have a Make scenario setup, but it is not pulling through any data to Airtable. The Make scenario is attached and is very simple; it Watches for items in Podio and then Creates Records in Airtable. I have set up the link between accounts a few ...

Dhiresh by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Interactive question that generates table

  A good example of what I am trying to do . . . . when you fill out a job application and it says list your most recent employment and it provides categories for date, company, address, title, etcetera.  I want the person answering to be able to say...

kanovaj by 4 - Data Explorer
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Update Record Failing in Automation

I have tried to build an automation from instantly to Airtable. I want to make dashboards for campaign data. My problem is:I want the fields in the (Data_Handling) table to update automatically, when data is updated via an API in the Instantly combin...