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Resolved! Slack actionable messages unable to update record in Airtable

Hi, When using the Slack actionable messages integration in Airtable automations, I receive the following message in Slack after pressing a button : "You do not have access to this Airtable record, or it has been deleted."I set up the automation to s...

Issues when assigning items to a cell

Hello community I am having issues with a table of mine. I run a trucking company and have a table to calculate my estimated expenses down to a per mile bases. So I assign expenses and revenue to certain cells and it help generate my CPM. Although I ...

Jghost1800 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Add Email to a Google Group

Hello, I have created a sign-up form in Airtable for our nonprofit. When the form is submitted, I would like to have that email, first name/last name contact record added directly to a Google Group. Is there a way to do this directly from Airtable?I ...

Slack actionnable message - permissions to edit records

Hello,having configured an actionable slack message, the error message marks that I don't have the permissions to edit the record when I click on the button.However, I have the impression that I have configured everything correctly.Maybe the screensh...

"Invalid inputs" during Slack Action Message automation

Hey team! I keep receiving a "Received invalid inputs" error when running a Slack Action Message automation. It seems that, even though a channel is selected, the automation is just not picking it up (see second screenshot). Have tried switching to d...

Zeus by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Alternatives to Sendgrid

Hi, I use Airtable to hold all my subscribers data (around 10k and slowly growing) and want to send them a weekly newsletter.I tried but it is a bit expensive, considering its pricing added to the one of a mailing service, so I was happy to ...

stefpist by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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AirTable to Wordpress so Painfull

Hello,Few years ago I automate AitTable to Wordpress using a Node-RED as a middleware code. The usage seems to me so obvious and basic :IF I update a line in AirTable I trigger an Automation (REST Request)THEN Node-RED will create or update a Wordpre...

Unable to Import Mailing Address Field from Typeform to Airtable

I have Typeform on my website that I use for Lead Generation. When I integrate that Typeform to Airtable, it imports all data (Name, Phone, Email etc) except for the Mailing Address data. I have tried all relevant Field Types but it still doesn't wor...

reedoo by 4 - Data Explorer
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