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new shopify order

hello every one,so i set my trigger on "When webhook received" (i receive a webhook for every new order in shopify) the problem is i wont to create a line on airtable for every line item and it has to contain all clients detail and product info relat...

Twilio call log auto write new logs

I'm trying to create a script automation that will write update call log data from a phone number pool to airtable. Here is my code so far. The problem that I'm having is that the script within the automation section doesn't support my envo. const Tw...

Google Calendar automation - attendees no nested options

Hi all,I'm trying to setup an automation that updates a record when an events is scheduled that matches users in the database to confirm that they scheduled and when. I can do this with Zapier but I'm trying to do it directly in Airtable.The main pro...

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 10.20.46.png

AutoSort Linked records based on criteria in the linked table.

Hey-I will spell this out as simply as I can!I've got 2 tables.Event RequestsHostsTable 1 has a linked field titled Possible HostsThe Possible Hosts field contains records that are automatically linked via automation. [the automation basically finds ...

shmuelpalgon by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Data From Power BI into Airtable

Hello,I'm looking to see if it's possible to pull data FROM Power BI into Airtable. A lot of info about Airtable data going into Power BI but not the other way around. Census seems to have an integration that would accomplish this. Any thoughts or ot...

bkellogg by 4 - Data Explorer
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Airtable doesn't load all columns into Power BI

Hi I recently noticed that Airtable to Power BI link is not working effectively. Some of the columns are not visible. Has anyone else faced this problem before? Any ideas / thoughts / suggestions? @Bill_French 

Hootsuite failure to connect

I recently had to update our password on Hootsuite... we have posts automated to post on Hootsuite from Airtable, so I immediately went into Airtable to update this account info... Unfortunately Airtable gives the error "could not authorize this acco...

Outlook email automation - record/update date of last sent email

Hello - I'd like to update a date field on a table when an Outlook email is sent. I'm assuming I need to set the "New email is received" trigger and associate the "Sent items" folder in Outlook. Beyond that I'm confused.Fields on the table are:Name: ...

markw by 4 - Data Explorer
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Help with FilterbyFormula

Hi there,I have this script I am working on to update all records in a table based on their currency. Except for records that are in stage 4. I am using this statement to filter through the recordsfilterByFormula: "AND(NOT({Currency} = ''), {Exchange...

LordPug by 4 - Data Explorer
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No-code solution for a feedback system with Airtable

I have been requested to implement a feedback system for a local business which has several store locations, I want to investigate if a no-code solution with Airtable could do it, possibly using also other platforms linked to it.The "system" should b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Export to PDF before Slack Message

I have an airtable graph in which I would like to export to PDF before my automation sends a message to slack. The automation message I'd like to include the PDF as an attachment. Is this possible?The issue I'm running into is the link does not show ...

e911op by 4 - Data Explorer
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Outlook Automation doesn't send mails to external addresses

hello!i'm trying to send emails via the outlook automation. everything works like a charm, apart from the emails not arriving at all. so it doesn't work at all unless the receipient of the mail is an address with the same domain as the one i am send...

Davidt by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Grid view, add button, trigger action, and send SMS

Hello,I am studying Airtable, and wonder if this can be done.Basically I have a Grid of data in Data. I want to present this data in Interface, either using selected columns or the whole lot of data.I want to add a button to the right of each data ro...

Notify collaborator on status change

I am confused on Airtable notifications.  What I want:Setup custom automation so that when certain status' change, then a notification can be sent to user(s). The notification should come through in AirTable notifications first and foremost, and emai...

Resolved! Can a record's status be updated externally?

I am looking to assign tasks to non-airtable users by sending them via slack. Is there an integration or extension that allows the assignee to complete the task and update the record on my table without actually going on Airtable? It appears Todoist ...