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Resolved! Slack Message sharing specific record link at the interface

Hi, community!I'm trying to create an automation that sends a Slack message sharing the record link directly at the interface, but I'm not being able to accomplish that.What I've tried:Using the Airtable Record URL: Unfortunately, when I use this URL...

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artysaka by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Adding 1 to a field through interface button?

Seems like it should be relatively simple, all I want to do is use a button from an interface to add 1 to a number field in my tableI'm using the button linked to an automation and here's what it looks like:And this is using a dynamic update:But here...

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Resolved! Add a Button to an Interface to Duplicate the Current Record

Hey All,I am trying to add a button to an interface which will simply duplicate the existing record the interface is looking at.  The Interface is a quote builder and we often want to make different iterations of a quote for a customer.  I know we ca...

andrew8 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Form not displaying in automation builder dropdown

When I try to use the form submitted automation trigger, none of my forms appear in the dropdown selector. It's very frustrating , because they are published and can enter data normally.What might be causing this?

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dogdogdog by 4 - Data Explorer
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Offboarding workflow

I am working on an offboarding workflow to use when an employee is termed and leaves the company. I made a form that is the start of the process. Once a record is created from a submitted form the automation will send out an email to the terminated u...


Notify collaborator on status change

I am confused on Airtable notifications.  What I want:Setup custom automation so that when certain status' change, then a notification can be sent to user(s). The notification should come through in AirTable notifications first and foremost, and emai...

Resolved! Automation to update subtasks when Project changes?

I have a Base with below:Table A = CollectionsTable B = ProjectsTable C = Dept 1 Sub TasksTable D = Dept 2 Sub TasksTable E = Dept 3 Sub TasksTable F = Dept 4 Sub TasksWe create Projects and Collections, with Linked Records.When a Project is added, i...

Resolved! Send group of records to one email

Hi there!Does anyone know if there is a way to do the following:Say you have a customer that orders 5 items, you have each item as a record and then the customer in a different table with the email address. I would like to trigger a button to start a...

aday by 4 - Data Explorer
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Using a script to generate a PDF

I posted in the ideas about my desire to have Page Designer integrated with the Interface Designer. I would like the employees at my company to be able to work within the Interface and generate letters for our clients through PDFs that are exported t...

Drew_Nemer by 6 - Interface Innovator
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