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Slack to Airtable

Hello all! Would anyone know if it's possible to create a Slack > Airtable automation? I am looking to get data on how many times and when a client creates a message in Slack. 

anita1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Price Builder

Hi all! I am reaching out in hope of finding a solution. So I work for a music instrument manufacturer where we track each job (all instrument specifics) in our airtable database. I am trying to find a way to have a price column that calculates as yo...

Can we group certain view informations to another view?

Hello, Can someone help me if this is possible or not?You may watch this loom for more information.So we have this view called "HitList" which came from the sheet of "Client Briefs" This hitlist has our client list that is waiting for some properties...

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Imee_Lee by 6 - Interface Innovator
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How to One-Way sync: AirTable >> Google Sheets

Basically, I want to import a Google Sheet into AirTable then I want to be able to edit fields in AirTable and those fields are automatically updated in the Google Sheet.Thanks for any help!

dix-hill by 4 - Data Explorer
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Send different emails with the same attachment

Hello dear communityI want to be able to automate the email sending, every time I have a new registration from a person, I must send a welcome email attaching an excel file (this excel file will be the same for all new registrations), what would have...

abacus by 4 - Data Explorer
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Microsoft Events

Hi I'm trying to set up my base (I have a separate Reminder base just for this purpose) so that it should sync my Airtable to the Outlook calendar, it should show up all my reminders that I have in that base, is there a possibility that it should wor...


Linking two tables

Hi everyone, please help I have a table set up in a base that automatically updates (via typeform and MAKE) with job applicants name, email and scores on an MCQ that is delivered at a later stage of the application process. I have another table in th...

helenh by 4 - Data Explorer
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Order lost when syncing bases

We have two bases, a UAT and a Prod base.  Changes are made to the UAT base, and once approved, we sync to the Prod base.  We notice that the records themselves sync over, but they are not in the same order.  Are we missing something or is this a lim...

ttran by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Make scenario is successful but not pulling any data through

Hi, I have a Make scenario setup, but it is not pulling through any data to Airtable. The Make scenario is attached and is very simple; it Watches for items in Podio and then Creates Records in Airtable. I have set up the link between accounts a few ...

Dhiresh by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Custom automation for WP REST API

Hello there!I'm going to use Airtable API to get records and save into mine site. These records will be updated on daily, weekly or even monthly basis inside the Airtable, so using CRON on the server it not best solution. Our idea was to create some ...

Issues when assigning items to a cell

Hello community I am having issues with a table of mine. I run a trucking company and have a table to calculate my estimated expenses down to a per mile bases. So I assign expenses and revenue to certain cells and it help generate my CPM. Although I ...

Jghost1800 by 4 - Data Explorer
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