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Creating a master calendar from different bases

Hello!I am trying to create a master calendar from the different bases I've created in my workspace. I began with creating a master calendar base and syncing up the other bases table to this base. I created an automation that when a new record gets c...

Syncing a SUM to another table in a different base

I have a table that I use to calculate expenses for a specific project. I would like the SUM of one of the columns to automate/sync/roll up/whatever?? to another record/field that is located in a different BASE (for invoicing purposes). Can this be d...

new shopify order

hello every one,so i set my trigger on "When webhook received" (i receive a webhook for every new order in shopify) the problem is i wont to create a line on airtable for every line item and it has to contain all clients detail and product info relat...

Bi directional synced table

Hi everyone,The context is as follows:We give trainings (among others) to many people. I would like to know who attended which trainings, get feedback on participation, etc....Each training is managed independently by a different team, with different...


Error - Unable to parse datetime - Google Calendar

Hello everyone,I come to ask for your help. I created a Google calendar event creation automation from Air Table records. Everything was going very well until recently. Unfortunately for a few days, the automation has stopped working and I end up wit...

Benjamin by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Pick random images

Is it possible to select or send random numbers of images from clouds like google drive or even from PC folders? 

mazen by 4 - Data Explorer
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Failed automation Update Record primary to primary fields

So I want to ask about the automation table,Let me first explain the structure of the tableso there are 2 tables namely [Users] & [Profile]User = management userProfile = each user has their own profileso I have a need when each user is added, it wil...

gentala by 4 - Data Explorer
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Data From Power BI into Airtable

Hello,I'm looking to see if it's possible to pull data FROM Power BI into Airtable. A lot of info about Airtable data going into Power BI but not the other way around. Census seems to have an integration that would accomplish this. Any thoughts or ot...

bkellogg by 4 - Data Explorer
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Automations - creating data lines

Are you able to have a check box in one base that will trigger the creation of a line of data in another base? I have two bases where I want to combine some of the data into third base, but because the primary fields are not the same I cannot simply ...

Sarah1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Can a record's status be updated externally?

I am looking to assign tasks to non-airtable users by sending them via slack. Is there an integration or extension that allows the assignee to complete the task and update the record on my table without actually going on Airtable? It appears Todoist ...

Unable to access google sheet in automation

Hello,I am in automation and have selected a google account.  But when it comes to selecting google sheet, it wouldn't allow me to get to the login page.  I am stuck in the page shown.  I see a separate browser popup but closing immediately.  I have ...


Resolved! Restore Rich Text Format from Markdown

Hi all,Hoping you can help me. Check spoiler tag for completely detailed explanation of my situation, just in case you can spy a base design issue that could easily be fixed: SpoilerI have a table called "Products" and a table called "Definitions". I...

Akrid by 4 - Data Explorer
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Updating a table from a synched table

I have a table from the Strategic Planning base I am synching to a table in the Marketing base.I created an automation to create a record in the Requests table of the Marketing base when a record in the synched table contains certain data.  This is w...

Charlotte by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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