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How to create a "claim job" workflow in airtable?

Hello, I am looking for a way to create a workflow where when a new job(task) is created, it will send an email to a group of people who are qualified to do the job, and then the first person to accept that job will be the one assigned to it. Can you...

Resolved! Automated Slack message - Chronological list?

I have an automation which sends a slack message at a scheduled time with a list of tasks due that week, sent in formatted single messages for display purposes.It's a repeating action which runs through a list found, but it never runs in chronologica...

Alix by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Document Automator to Replace Content instead of Add to It?

Hi all!I'm working on building a Google Docs Automator where the automation updates a google document instead of creating a new one. I was able to create the content to pull all of the applicable data I need, but I noticed it's just adding to the con...

Auto-Send Second Survey 6 Months after User Completes First Survey

Hi Airtable Community,Context: I started using Airtable 1 year ago and have gained familiarity with the basic functions (bases, integrations) but have not yet learned how to use Automations.Our organization is hoping to automatically send out a Volun...

luka-c by 4 - Data Explorer
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Copy a document (copy record and create a copy of linked records)

Hello everyoneI've been on Airtable for a while now and I've never had to do anything complicated, but I have a really epic task, as for me. I'd ask the community to help me and not to scold me too much for stupid questions).I have three tables: Docs...

tiolan by 4 - Data Explorer
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Syncing a SUM to another table in a different base

I have a table that I use to calculate expenses for a specific project. I would like the SUM of one of the columns to automate/sync/roll up/whatever?? to another record/field that is located in a different BASE (for invoicing purposes). Can this be d...

Structuring data with automation and Chatgpt

I am currently working with a typeform that is used to gather information on families that want to register on our platform.This information dives straight into my Airtable, and I would like to use the learnings from these inputs to feed an LLM model...

Find records with similar text field data

When record text field is not empty, find records with similar text fields and link records? Is this possible? The similarity could be a partial match.

Alix by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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create automation to auto update workback schedule

Hello! I have an event workback schedule set up with a formula column to auto-generate a due date based on what date I specify in my date column (see ex. formula below). However, I would like to have the formula column auto-generate a list of due dat...

meg1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Define global status of a list of records with automation

HiI want to define feature status by automation.For example, if all the user stories of the feature are done then the feature is considered as completed.Is it possible without a script ?Thanks for your help.

zephir by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! How to avoid firing the triggers while I'm still typing

I have a field of long text, and I set an automation that could help me send a notification Email to my collaborators after I update that field. However, the trigger would be fired several times, when I was still typing(no matter using when the recor...

Weian by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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No-code solution for a feedback system with Airtable

I have been requested to implement a feedback system for a local business which has several store locations, I want to investigate if a no-code solution with Airtable could do it, possibly using also other platforms linked to it.The "system" should b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Offboarding workflow

I am working on an offboarding workflow to use when an employee is termed and leaves the company. I made a form that is the start of the process. Once a record is created from a submitted form the automation will send out an email to the terminated u...