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Calculating payments and tying that back to a user

Hi all, I’m wondering if Airtable is a good fit for managing our student share flat expenses. Currently we use icloud numbers, to enter raw values and show, but it is cumbersome and manual. This is what I have in mind: People Table: All people are s...

Nate_S by 4 - Data Explorer
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Clients / Contacts

I work for a company that delivers services to private and domestic clients I currently have two bases set up. One which lists ‘People’ Base 1 One which lists ‘Companies’ Base 2 In both bases are examples of clients. i.e. we may work for Acme Ltd (Co...

Help Updating Record Based On Another Table

Hi there, I currently manage a student organisation at my university and every year members have to renew their memberships to remain an active member of the club (this is university policy). I chose to use airtable as it is an easy way to allow stud...

Nick_Creed by 4 - Data Explorer
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A different kind of spreadsheet usage

We are using a different weekly excel sheet for our projects in our company. Could this be implemented ? The main difference is i need to create daily fields to edit the current status on that day It looks like a gantt chart with editabe date status ...

Project management database

Hi, I don’t believe my requirement is all that complex, but I’m having difficulty understanding how to work out what relationships are need in order to build a suitable base. I have multiple projects in progress. Each project is supplied by a selecte...

Table design and qty of tables

I’m considering moving over a generic database I made in Access. I use a database for tracking participants of an ongoing teaching and learning curriculum. I need to track each participants progress, contact information, credentials, graduate year, s...

Resolved! All dates a song has been played/used (playlist history)

I have a song database and I want to keep track of every date I’ve used/played each song, essentially a playlist. Ideally this would be a list of dates listed from newest to oldest. Any suggestions as to how to do this?

Individual's update their records confidentially

Can an individual update only their individual record in a table without have access to view any other data in the table or base? We have a large number of individuals in our community who are in a database for a non-profit and would like to be able...

Mike_Morse by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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