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Syncing tabs within the same base

How do I auto sync fields with another tab in the same workplace? I need to ensure the fields are all the same so that info can be moved over from one to another when the automation I have made is triggered.

JWalker by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Reimbursement Database-HELP PLEASE

I'm developing a complex reimbursement database and need help:There are 7 divisions,  each division has 3 credit cards and each card has 3 reimbursable categories (for example: food, travel, leisure), each division has 8 employees.Each employee has a...

Ymna by 4 - Data Explorer
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Best to-do list template and recommendations

Hello everyone!This will be my first post in this amazing community, and I can't wait to read your responses. I just wanted to ask from individual experiences, which has been the best to-do list template that you have used within Airtable. I am looki...

DB by 4 - Data Explorer
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Would I move the "Edit field" window down?

The table column I work with is usually in the monitor screen's center. If I need to edit a description or a formula, I press the arrow on the right side of the field name and then press the "Edit field". The edit window appears in the center and to ...

Kostya_S by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Team Capacity Tracking Help

I'm looking for help calculating a team's weekly capacity on projects that have a bucket of hours spread over multiple weeks (i.e. Copy = 20, Design = 40, etc.). Currently my reporting pulls in the entire amount. Ideally Airtable would automatically ...

Help with Base design for Sales Pipeline for Tutoring Business

I'm new to AirTable but not automation. I've hacked together my Pipeline with Google Sheets and Zapier + a lightweight CRM. It still works okay, but I see an upside in moving to AT. It will be nice to have different views for the different employees ...

letsgo by 4 - Data Explorer
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Business directory templates & adding user info

Hello. i would like to see where i can get some templates for a business directory. Once i choose a template and set it up, i would like to post a link to it in a group im in and have other members of the group be able to add themselves to this direc...

Markstarr by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! New Base Colors - No!

I've never been fussy about colors, but the new options for base themes are a big step backwards for me.  The old bright, bold, cheery, energetic & fun colors that made the Airtable experience feel enjoyable and different from your average boring, se...