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Syncing updated publish dates back to source table

I’m currently facing a challenge with syncing publish dates across different Airtable tables and bases and am looking for some guidance or a potential workaround.Here's a breakdown of my workflow:- I have two Airtable bases: "Marketing Campaigns" and...

Resolved! How to make a form from multiple tables?

I have 3 tables - meals, dishes and ingredients.use case: Users should be able to add new dishes and meals through a form. A meal is a combination of 1 or more dishes. Each dish comprises of many ingredients (note ingredients is a separate table)So i...

himg1509 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Feature Comparison Matrix

I'm trying to build a database comparing similar products and their features. I have a Product table and a Feature table. On the product record I can select the features that particular product has (link to external record, allow linking to multiple ...

esullender by 4 - Data Explorer
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Creating a Use-Case Catalogue

Hi everyone,I'm looking to create a use case catalog to help me define the functional requirements of my clients, such as data and system integration.The catalog should include a unique identifier for each use case category and allow me to choose whi...

Selecting data from 2 tables

Hi all, I am using Airtables to set up my cost database for my cafe.For each dish, the items can come from 2 sources. 1 -  A raw material table - i.e. chicken, eggs, which i have already listed it's unit cost. 2 - From a Prep material - i.e. like pas...

cyee by 4 - Data Explorer
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Autonumber from number sequence

Hello, I have a primary field that is a number field that contains sequential invoice numbers. I would like to know if that number field can be converted to an autonumber field that starts at and continues the sequential numbers. It seems silly to ha...

Creating Customizable Membership Funnels

You guys have been so helpful in the past, I'm hoping you can help jog my brain once again!Scenario:  Organization that wants to track membership recruitment efforts with something like a CRM funnel.  They will need multiple funnel / pipeline scenari...

Database Migration

Hi,I have 2 databases with sync tables on one AirTable Account. I would like to move them to another account without loosing the syncronisation between tables. Is there a way to do it ? ThanksF. 

FChAirTable by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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CRM and event management

Good morning. I would like your advice on how to handle my needs.I would like to create a CRM-like contact database called "Contacts".Then I would like to create a database "Event1" where people can submit a form and register for the event. Then in t...

Base Not Reflecting Deletion

I am writing to seek assistance regarding a record limit issue that my organization is currently facing with our Pro plan. Yesterday, our base had a total of 13,000 records, well within the 50,000 records limit of our Pro plan. However, I imported an...

RSk by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Rollup Issue (Possible to many links)

Hello im working on linking two tables in a base that we use for asset tracking. One table is MOV 24 (movement records) and the other is ASSETS 24 (asset records). In the Movement table (which has a forum to generate movement records), there are mult...

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 11.14.05.png Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 11.15.53.png Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 11.16.35.png Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 11.17.17.png

Recurring Events in Calendar

I tried to contact Airtable support for this and they refused to help me. Here is my question:John books Studio A on Mon 1-2PM and Friday 4-8PM from Sep 1 2023 to June 1 2024How do I set this up?

wefsdfd by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Ad Inventory Management System

Hello, we are hoping to build an ad inventory management system that allows us to track when certain ad products are booked.Each ad product has different frequencies (some can be booked 1x a week or some can be booked only for thursdays or can run a ...

ckgurl by 4 - Data Explorer
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longitudinal data - how to optimize

Hi! I use airtable for lots of things - but a primary use is data entry for a longitudinal study I'm conducting. Each row is a company I'm observing and the columns are observation dates. There are a series of measurements I do at each observation da...

stoli_man by 4 - Data Explorer
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Moving Bases with many dependencies across Workspaces

I have a target base in a Workspace that is synced to several other bases all in one separate workspace. If I move this target base into the same workspace as the others, will this cause any issues with syncing or interface design?

Download Selected Records from Grid as CSV

Created a basic table in Grid View. Shared and embedded the List and was able to select multiple records, then select Download CSV and export the selected records. Nothing changed in the table, share, etc but now when selecting download CSV the selec...

DR-CI by 4 - Data Explorer
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Link Existing Table to Form Input

First post here- I know I can easily build a form and connect results to Airtable- but can I connect a Form to an existing table for the user to select data from it? I have a table of workers by department with email address- I want the user to be ab...

DR-CI by 4 - Data Explorer
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