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How to manage student weekly scores

Hello,We're an edtech startup for high school students.In addition to the in-app exams and quizzes, we also run offline exams in Telegram groups to mimic school exams (around 3 times a week).We send out a pdf to a group chat, and then each student so...

kareemt by 1 - Visitor
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Sync Informations in the same Base between tables

Hello Airtable CommunityI have a base with several tables (one for each department) to plan their content. So print, social media organic, PR etc.Each team has 1-3 interfaces. Now I want to synchronize the most important information from all these ta...

mirkolando by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Creating a growth measurement over time

Hi there. For a while I have been trying to figure out the following. Maybe you can help.  For our participants we measure there progress over time. We do this by filling in a form about every 2 months.  We have one base with all the participants (pe...

SidStunt by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Any way for an editor to login and view only their assigned tasks?

Hi there!As I am fine tuning the AT bases for our team, I seem to be missing something rather important here and thought I would ask the community about it as it seems to be rather significant.As we create tasks and assign to our team members, we wou...

kujain by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Help: How to mange team members in a table

Hi all, I currently struggle with how I should manage all team members. I would like to have them in a table called "People" (Person Name is just a single text field), with Birthdays, Joning Dates, Headshot image, title, which domain they belong to e...


Weekly Business Health Check - Form, Data, Dashboard - How to do it?

Hi,  I'd like to create a "Business Health Check" Dashboard, and I'm thinking Airtable might be a good way to do it,  but as a new user I'm not sure how to start. Basics:1. Dashboard view:   Show changes to each category over the past few months (lin...

TonyD by 4 - Data Explorer
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