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Create a database comparing multiple entities across time?

Hello,I'm trying to design a database that can accomplish the following:Aggregate data across several different entities (for example, cities).Aggregate data for each entity across different time periods (for example, years).Aggregate data for each e...

cmm2012 by 4 - Data Explorer
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struggling to combine tables and create a summary

My goal is to combine 2 data tables into one, and then get a single output sum value for each "agent" within the respective table. Right now, when I combine the tables and syncing, I am getting limited or no data to transfer across. The goal would be...

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Creating an Address Book / Comm Log without Duplicates

My company has thousands of different contacts that we want to make a communication log for. The idea is two linked tables, an address book and a communication log. The issue is I don’t know a smooth and quick method to add new communications to the ...

Drew_Nemer by 7 - App Architect
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Resolved! Default Value for Currency field is not being applied

I have a Payment Interface with a Form that creates a new record in my Payment table.  There is a field for Dues Amount and another for Donation Amount.  Both are define with a Currency data type, and with a Default Value of $0.00.  In most cases onl...

DataGuru by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Weekly tasks calendar

Hello.I've been using airtable to create a database for equipment files in a research facility.Now I would like to use it to organize our team weekly tasks calendar. Some of these tasks are performed on equipment that is in my first database.We are a...

Creating a Table

Hi there,Is it possible to create a Table with the help of interface directly?if not, is there any other ways with creating a table using interface. 

Timeline: 24-hour time format?

Hello,Is there a way to change the time format from a 12-hour to a 24-hour time format for the timeline view (as well as the interface element)?The calendar view seems to do it automatically, however, I can't find a setting or any info on the support...

DiscoBreak by 4 - Data Explorer
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Forecasting for monthly targets vs YTD vs Annual

Hi all,I think I'm close, but I just can't workout how to get the forecasting base I'm building to show Monthly sales vs Monthly Forecasts when I want to track them across an additional split out by stream.I have this Monthly table linked to the proj...

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Invite Specific Users to Specific Grid View Within Base?

Is it possible to invite specific users/email addresses to specific grid views within a Base? I can only find a way to share a PW protected link or share with users of a specific email domain, but not a way to invite users to a SPECIFIC view within a...

Jason_Eskin by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Unhide Record Fields

Hi - can anyone please assist me with how to 'unhide' these fields in record view?Please see image attached.I have clicked the little grey down arrow by the field title- and there is no option to unhide them and move them 'up' on the form. Many thank...

craiglee by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Redesigning bases and workspaces....

I am a newish user on a pro plan and in the 5 months i've been using Airtable i not only learned a lot but definitely have learned how to make more complicated tables and ways that our organization can use it. However, now that more of our operations...

Limi by 6 - Interface Innovator
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