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I got a MAKE scenario that reads AT. It runs fine.I copied the table and the scenario now does not run (even with no changes whatsoever to the table). All I've done is point the AT module to the copied table.The message I get in Make is: The operatio...

arruga by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Update API Key to Access Token - Google Sheets Script

I'm trying to update a Google Sheets script that syncs an Airtable Base to Google Sheets. The script uses an API Key and I need to update it to use the Access Token.Anyone know how to update this code to use the Access Token instead of the API Key? T...

AirTable Webhook Payload Retrieval

I am currently working with the Webhooks notifications ( to process record updates when a set of files/fields have changed. While I love the power and flexibility of the notification, especial...

SCS by 4 - Data Explorer
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Looking for developer support

I have been running Airtable for at least 5 years and am very familiar with it. I have a need that is beyond my no-code low-code capabilities and I am looking to hire someone to help me develop the following idea.I have a base that has dynamic inform...

New beta: REST API Upserts

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce one of our newest features - REST API Upserts. You can now add an upsert option performUpsert to the Update records API endpoint, so that if a matching record is not found, it will create the record instead. Mor...

Salesforce Integration?

Can a Salesforce Integration be Done Via API? I can’t stand using Salesforce and due to acquisition, our company has multiple instances, which screws up data integrity. I’m using Airtable on the side to clean up records but would love to be able to p...

Zapier & make OAuth question

Hi everyone,  I'm trying to be proactive with the the imminent change to the integration with Airtable. I've connect Zapier via the App Update (Presumably using OAuth) and connected Make with an OAuth connection.  However, I expected to see the conne...

Error trying to POST an attachment using API

The field in question is an Attachment field.This is what my POST looks like (from Power Automate Desktop. Note variables are enclosed in %s). The field in question is highlightedI receive this error{"error":{"type":"INVALID_ATTACHMENT_OBJECT","messa...

Steve48 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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How to share Web API Documentation

Hey there Web API documentation generated for a particular base is very well built and very useful.I wonder how to share this API doc because the dedicated URL is not public.Thank you for helping.

Vianney by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Chat GPT for Data Analysis

I'm trying to use ChatGPT to analyze written data from airtable surveys, but ChatGPT is unable to access the information from a csv file. Is it possible to connect ChatGPT to Airtable in order to give it access to specific tables? The idea would be t...

omf by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Getting Error with POST to currency field

I am working in Postman. The field in question is "Taxes Owed - PDF". I get the error shown below. If I change the field type to single-line text I don't get an error. I don't want to change the field type. How do I avoid the error?  I have also trie...

Steve48 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Getting Error in POST when trying to select dropdown value

In Postman I am trying to set/select the value of a single select field. This is an exsiting defined value.A simplified version of my post is:{"fields": {"Case Status": "HC - Tax Lawsuit"}}I am getting this error{    "error": {        "type": "INVALI...

Steve48 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! how can I check where I am with my API usage ?

I've just read that there will a limit of 1000 calls per month to the API... I use the API on several base to expose data on small website but I can't find where is current state of those usages... So I can't have any idea about my monthly number of ...

Records not updated with upsert with multiply key fields

Hello! I got unexpected behavior in airtable web api.I use "Update multiple records" ( method for update or create records if not exists in my table. I use it with "upsert" parameter wit...

forgeuser by 4 - Data Explorer
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Undocumented Limit of 100 PATs per Service Account?

So if you have an Airtable Enterprise account and issue personal access tokens (PATs) tied to a service account.  Apparently, once you create 100 PATs, the interface WILL NOT let you issue any additional PATs tied to that service account:Honestly, th...

dk82734 by 7 - App Architect
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Sending API key to proxy server for authentication

Preamble: I’m still working on implementing some features in the Scripting/Custom blocks which I think would remove the need for most of the Airtable API calls the proxy server is making. But even with custom blocks, I think I will still need a “get ...