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Calculated Fields not Returning 0 Values

So, here’s another in my long line of small issued in the API. I have simple formula fields in my table that add other columns together. It’s literally field a = field x + field y + field z. When I return field a, the api doesn’t return “0” properly....

Larry_Price by 6 - Interface Innovator
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API POST performance

Getting pretty poor performance for creating records. A POST request to create a record often lasts >30 seconds. Naturally the table I am creating records in references other tables, has a lot of fields, etc., but 30s is really frustrating. Any tips ...

Sam_Bauch by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Airtable API Node.JS and Insomnia

Hi, I’m trying to use Insomnia to debug my API requests, but I’m not getting very far with Node.JS… If I go to the API docs and grab the Node.JS (with our key) and paste it into the body section of Insomnia as “JSON Raw Text” and send it using https:...

JSON API Definition

Hi, Is there a way to generate a JSON data definition like the one below automatically from the API? It’s easy enough to write, but I wonder if the API can dish these up via a URL? I’m integrating Ultradox which has a drag and drop code generation...

Passing array to AirTable from iOS workflow app

Hello, Not sure if this is the right category to post to, but i’ll give it a shot. I am trying to pass an array (precisely - list of linked records) from iOS Workflow app and it is not working. the array i am trying to pass is formatted [“recID”, “re...

Api Returning Fields in Differrent Order

So, I’m using multiple api calls to generate a complete list of records for basic reporting in Google Sheets. Here’s the basic set up of arguments: Call 1 ?view=someView&fields=x&fields=y&fields=z Call 2 ?view=someView&fields=x&fields=y&fields=z&offs...

Larry_Price by 6 - Interface Innovator
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filterByFormula column name with spaces

base('Test Space Request 2016').select({ view: "Main View", filterByFormula: "({Requester Name} = 'Mo Biegel')" }).eachPage(function page(records, fetchNextPage) { }, function done(error) { }); For some reason this isn’t bringing up any da...

Tzvi_Spitz by 4 - Data Explorer
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Airtable Ruby Client

Nathan Esquenazi, founder of CodePath, created a really nice Ruby client for the Airtable API: GitHub Airtable/airtable-ruby Access Airtable data sheets with ease using ruby. Contribute to Airtable/airtable-ruby developm...

Computed Fields on Update

When sending PUTs to the API with a complete record you’ll get an error if you include computed fields. Since you get computed fields back like any other, the only way to find out which fields are computed is by either a) from the error messages when...

Attachment File Names Are Lost If Added Via API

I’m seeing a problem with using Zapier to add files to attachment fields in AirTable. The file itself comes through when added via a Zap, but the issue seems to be that the file name and extension is replaced with the name “file”. This is a screensh...

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 12.11.11 PM.png
Aaron_Owen by 7 - App Architect
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Can Jasper reports access airtable api?

I haven’t done any database programming in about 20 years. Things have come a long way since the dbase and Paradox days. I am struggling with the lack of reporting features in Airtable, but like everything else. I downloaded a copy of Jasperreports...

Sort using curl?

How do I got about sorting with querystring parameters? The API documentation seems to only give an example for the ruby client.

List Records without Pagination?

Hi, Is it possible (or on a future roadmap) to list all the records in a Table without Pagination? I.e. Not have the ‘pageSize’ maximum limit of 100? The reason behind the question is that I’m looking to see if there’s a way to pull all the data from...

API Templates and Examples

Does anyone have examples they are willing to share about what they have made using AirTable’s API? I’m an amateur web designer / novice web developer. I’m self-taught and I really want to get inspired to learn more. I love AirTable, but I find it’s ...

Izaac_Post by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Create new record with foreign key

Hi, I’m having problem to create new record with a link to another record. An “422” error occurred when trying to create record on "appfIRESxNQnQ5D05:prodej" : Value “recl8c3CDNQECQCyR” contains duplicate value. Each record ID must appear only once I...