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Resolved! Should my Airtable apps slow down as my base gets bigger?

I’ve noticed my (custom) apps are taking much longer to load lately, coinciding with a steady increase in records. The apps load records from filtered views, which don’t necessarily have a ton of records in them at a time. Would the amount of records...

Sticker_ninja by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! App localhost certificate error

Hello! When attempting to edit an app, I enter https://localhost:9000 into the Edit app dialog box, and I’m getting the following message: As well, I run into this screen when going directly to https://localhost:9000 in Chrome: This did not occur p...

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 6.27.50 AM Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 6.34.58 AM
Sticker_ninja by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Preview not working for developer extension docs

When visiting developer documentation on Extension components, I cannot see the preview of this component in action. A while ago, I remember that preview was working correctly.   Is Airtable support aware about that? Any info when it gets fixed? When...

preshetin by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! SyntaxError in fetch external API

Hello there,I'm trying to fetch data from a product in one base, then send that information to an external API and then update that new info in other base. The code goes like this: //input of modified product let inputConfig = input.config(); //JSO...

Responsive widths for <RecordCard />s?

I can’t seem to get <RecordCard />s to play nicely as flexbox child or reliably fit 100% width of its container. The default width of a record card is set to 568px wide, which wouldn’t be much of an issue if this were taken care of in the class appli...

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 11.56.20 AM

Extension template for multiple tables

Hey thereI created a simple invoice document extension for a table. Now the new year is coming I created a new table and when I duplicate the extension, choose the new table the extension is empty. I guess the connection/affiliation to the fields are...

T_NT by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Add preview button in script.

Hi, I'm copying contacts from one table and pasting them into another table. I'm looking for a preview of these contacts on a button click. Is there a way to add a button in the script?

Trigger script actions from interface

Hello everyone,I have used scripts a lot in the Automations pannel. However, I'd like to create more user friendly experiences using the Script Extension.Upon creating my system, it appears that buttons that trigger script extensions can not be run f...