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Resolved! Getting the component name

Hi, I’m trying to get a component’s name and insert it as a class name. A google search tells me I should use, but that doesn’t seem to work here. Eg: function OrderLineItems(props) { return ( <section className={thi...

Tom_Keysers by 6 - Interface Innovator
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How does Airtable integrate Extension?

Hi guys, I was thinking about developing an Airtable extension myself, however, I couldn’t help my curious self but wonder how Airtable is actually integrating the extensions under the hood? How did they implement it so that once I run the Blocks CLI...


Guys, why don’t we have the method createViewAsync()? We can create tables now with base.createTableAsync(), but not views. It would be such handy because for each new volunteer we need a new personal view with predefined filters, and the creation of...

Maxim_KM by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Airtable SDK Button size issue

Hi! I have a problem resizing the Button component in Airtable SDK: I need a tiny button, but even when I set size=‘small’, the button is still too big. I can set the size to a number (size={12}), and it works, but I get the following warning to the ...

Retrieving records using Api in Flutter

I am Not able to Fetch all the records using API in flutter What i did is used url - using this i was only able to get 100 records please help me

Resolved! How to edit my existing extension

I looked everywhere but don’t seem to find how to edit my custom extension I’ve released. I only see instructions how to create a new extension from scratch… I can’t find a list of my extensions as well. Please help!

Sergei_RasKar by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Please don't depreciate cursor and session

Hey there, The state management and reactivity of all of our airtable apps is based on mobx and mobx-react-lite and not on hooks. This allows use to write code that is object oriented and therefore cleaner, more robust and faster and easier to devel...

Airtable Custom Extension developer needed

Hello, I have a few custom scripts for my base that I would like to be abstracted from other base collaborators so that they can’t see or edit the code. I would like to have these custom scripts moved into a custom extension with a simple UI. Please...

Dynamic Document Creation with E-Signature Capability?

Hi all! I’m looking for an app that will allow, either via direct integration or Zapier, for the dynamic creation of a pre-filled document for e-signature. There are tons of options (too many) out there, but I’ve yet to find something which meets all...

AlliAlosa by 10 - Mercury
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Resolved! Are Airtable integrations still being reviewed?

Hi forum! Can anyone from the community let me know if their Airtable integration was reviewed after submitting it? We’re getting radio silence recently – just want to understand the timelines so we can plan our developer resources for this quarter. ...

Absolute Imports in React

Hi all, I would like to use absolute imports in my app, I have the following file structure ./ /.block /build /node_modules /src /components /NavBar index.js /UI /Input index.js App.js index.js bl...

Resolved! How to set Content Security Policy values?

I have an app that requires users to add a user token, which it validates against the Gumroad API. But I’m seeing this error. Airtable has a document that introduces the new security policy New: tighter security and network access option for marketp...

James_Timmins by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Setting up for a custom app

Hello there, I’m having troubles to set up the “hello world” to develop a custom app. I’ve followed the guide as well as search for possible solutions without success. I’m using Chrome on Mac, “block run” is running with “https://localhost:9000” but ...

F_F by 4 - Data Explorer
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Include images in a custom app

I’m attempting to add a custom gif into a custom app. The file is stored in frontend/assets/selectTable.gif. import selectTable from '../assets/selectTable.gif' ... <img src={selectTable} /> In my terminal window, I see Bundle Error: Unexpected char...