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Resolved! Close Settings Menu with Button

I’m trying to implement a settings menu in my custom block. I have the settings component properly showing, and the settings inside working as I want. The only missing piece that I can’t figure out is how to trigger closing the menu from a Button com...

Airtable is hiring a Developer Advocate

We’re looking for a Developer Advocate to help grow our developer community worldwide. As our first Developer Advocate, you’ll be integral in crafting the developer engagement strategy and executing on the Airtable vision. You’ll support our develope...

Resolved! `$ block release` fails

Are we not supposed to be doing this yet, or did I do something wrong? schedule_conflicts| |master=> block release building copying package.json files installing node modules [npm] [npm] > core-js@3.6.4 postinstall /private/var/folders/lx/d2z19t052...

Resolved! Can't Access Example Blocks

I haven’t been able to access the example custom blocks for some time now. When I try to build one from the template, I get this: blocks|=> block init appFalshZ06hLqEPb/blkmXtdrOPFKUVPIW --template= flowcha...

Notification UI component?

Hey, Would love to have a notification component, similar to the black ‘Undoing last action’ and ‘Record moved to trash’ notification you get in the primary Airtable UI. One that slides in and disappears automatically. Cheers, Ronen

Watch / unwatch example documentation

Hey, I’ve been looking on all the sample blocks, but couldn’t find an example of how to use the watch / unwatch functionality in a fine grained matter. Specifically, do I need to call unwatch to cleanup after I call watch and if yes, use react useEff...

Resolved! Feature request - get the currently selected fields

Hey, would love to be able to not only get the cursor.selectedRecordIds, but also the selected fields, if any fields are selected in a grid view. Seems like there will be many use cases that would require such functionality. I personally have a few. ...

Resolved! How to secure API keys in Airtable Block Code

Not sure if I understand the use cases for Blocks but I am trying to create a little mini GUI to pull data from Google and save into Airtable. How do I go about securing my API key? Is it secure to bundle with code that gets released to Airtable?

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Resolved! How to Work Around API Limits

I can only request 15 new record creations with a single API call. // create a People-Holiday::Christmas record for each person in the People table => { peopleHolidaysTable.createRecordAsync({ 'Person' : [{id: `${person....

Resolved! Creating records

My JS needs some help :frowning: I’m trying to create a new record in one table for each of the records I pulled out of a view in another table. I’ve tried using => {}), people.forEach(person => {}), and for (const person of peopl...

FAQs from the Inaugural Custom Blocks Webinar

Thanks to all that tuned in for the inaugural Airtable custom blocks webinar. If you missed it, you can watch the replay ( and follow up with any questions on this thread. We received many insightful ques...