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Hi, in order to consent my bank service platform to receive api requests from airtable, I need to put on his whitelist the ip address from which API Requests comes.Reading documentation I found they should be and not work...

Avoid 30s limit script

Hello, I am creating a json object from my airtable data to send it to a google script: //Table Bail --> xxxxx //Table Locataire --> xxxxx //Table Facturation --> xxxxx //Table Roof --> xxxx //Table Chambre --> xxxxx let url = "https://script.googl...

Attachments on createRecordAsync

Hi there,I am creating a simple extension that creates a record with an attachment. I am using createRecordAsync  from the blocks API for the record creation and the the native URL interface from the Web API to create an URL from the file loaded in b...

Change the background color of a cell programatically

Hello, Airtable community!I am writing an extension and I want to change the background color of particular cells if they match condition.For example: There is a Price column and if the price is > 1000 I want this cell to have a red background.  I kn...

MvisiON by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to set up AirFlow Extension without API

I'm trying to set up the AirFlow Extension, however it is asking me for an API Key.Since AirTable have depreciated API keys, I'm unable to create one...I have tried using a Personal Access Token (PAT ID) but that is showing the error: "Authentication...

PunchJ by 4 - Data Explorer
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Help creating script to update Memberstack JSON

Hi there, I'm trying to create a script that takes data from Airtable and updates it into Memberstack JSON. I went this scripting route because I couldn't figure out a no-code alternative to this. The problem is I'm not getting any errors messages wi...

External POST in Extensions using Block

I'm trying to create an extension which makes an external API POST call.First I tried to make a simple fetch call, but it is failing due to CORS policy:const response = await fetch('', { method: 'POST', headers: { ...

RamunasP by 4 - Data Explorer
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