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Does Enterprise plan has a more API Rate Limit?

The API is limited to 5 requests per second per base. If you exceed this rate, you will receive a 429 status code and will need to wait 30 seconds before subsequent requests will succeed. Anyone has experience with what is max request per second al...

dilipborad by 8 - Airtable Astronomer
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Do we have access to the actual field type via API?

Hi! I’m trying to generate a csv file of a table similar to a file generated by web UI. Using Airtable API I get data only in JSON format, which supports only numbers and strings. Thus I have to guess the type by value shape. For example: Does a str...

Drew_S by 4 - Data Explorer
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Add decimal via api

I am trying to add decimals with 5 or more decimal places. i used the currency field but i cannot add the data via api. the value here is “gains”=>“0.00072333333333363115” i get error Airrecord::Error (HTTP 422: INVALID_VALUE_FOR_COLUMN: Field “gain...


Can I create a custom API endpoint

I want to create an API end point to delete records based on a user_id (or any field other than the records’ id). In other words, the equivalent of SQL DELETE FROM {table} WHERE user_id = {x}. Airtable’s built-in API only allows to delete records bas...

Resolved! Bulk PATCH 10 entries via Google App Script

Hello! I am trying to sync prices and stocks for several products between Google Sheets (source) and Airtable (destination). Thanks to other posts’ answers in this community I could make a script that updates products one by one. But I would like to ...

Nhrt by 4 - Data Explorer
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Retrieve a record by fields

Hi, I’ve been working on a Next.js app with Airtable. I’m trying to retrieve a single record by specifying the field (not reocrd ID provided by Airtabe). I refered to the document below, but it only mentions the way of doing it by the record ID. ...

Ryo_Konishi by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Development vs Production Bases?

For those of you that develop application using Airtable, how do you manage dev vs prod? My application as a UI to display data from my application. Thus it is essential that I separate data uploaded during development vs production. Currently, I cop...

Vincent_Ng by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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API is synced with localhost but not in the website

Hello, I am using a free version of Airtable. Airtable is synced in my local, any change that I do to my base can be seen in the localhost. but when I check it from the website I can’t see the changes am I missing something? Or do i have restrictions...