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CSV Style Import

Hi there. We are looking to import order data into Airtable with something similar to the following CSV functionality except through the API: Airtable Support CSV import app With the CSV import app, you can add new recor...

ir_cdmed by 4 - Data Explorer
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Impact to zapier from Airtable outages

Not sure what to request about this one, but likely the community has ideas. Recent outages of the Airtable API caused errors in live “zaps”. Airtable Status - Incident 3/10/21 Airtable Status - Incident Here in Australia these outages hap...

Peter_Borg by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! API Ping endpoint for status checks?

Hello! I help run, a COVID vaccine information site that stores links to helpful websites in Airtable. Given the recent Airtable downtime, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a simple /ping endpoint (or similar) added ...

Adrian by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Integrating AirTable and ClickFunnels

I am looking for any documentation on integrating ClickFunnels with Airtable. I have a very simple 2 column Table - Email and a String of Data I can make Get, Post, Purge to work in Postman, but I was told all I need to do is grab the JS out of the A...

Dan_Havey by 4 - Data Explorer
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Is the Metadata API still available?

Hello, We requested access to the Metadata API last month, but haven’t heard back yet. Is Airtable still giving access to the metadata API? We run and would like to build an integration with Airtable :slightly_smiling_face:

nish by 4 - Data Explorer
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How can I get a grouped record with API?

I have grouped some fields in my Airtable. How can I get a specific “count” or a “sum” with API? How can I access this data through API? I am interested in getting the different counts and sums for each group. I.e: Score_act: sum 41 Task: “Jeg har k...

Skjermbilde 2021-03-08 kl. 10.18.06

Resolved! Single select field options from API

Hi, new to Airtable, so this may be a dumb question; apologies in advance if so. Is there a way to dynamically update single select field options from an API? For example, looking to have a list of item types to select for a record, ex: Server, Works...

Jesse_Miller by 4 - Data Explorer
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