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Resolved! Uploading image via app

I want to create a file upload interface on my custom app so that collaborators/users of the app can upload an image from their file system to the base (instead of using the airtable interface) Is this possible, and if not, can you suggest any workar...

Button that runs a script to generate a random string

I'm not familiar with Javascript.Looking to make a button that will start a script to generate an alphanumeric string that's 8 characters long.  The code I found on Google to generate a string is:function makeid(length) { var result = '...

noelng by 4 - Data Explorer
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Anyone using the Cdata Excel Add-in?

Hello, I represent a manufacturer who makes custom objects. We use Airtable to manage our sales leads. We've developed a macro spreadsheet in excel to provide pricing in the way we need to. I'm considering a new workflow which allows customer to uplo...

Estimator by 4 - Data Explorer
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Getting started on scripts and extensions

I want to help make my company better with scripts and extensions.  However, I am not fluent with Github or Javascript.I am a quick learner. I think that there are some ideas that I have that could be accomplished through extensions and scripts.   I ...

Drew_Nemer by 6 - Interface Innovator
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blockId mismatch Error

I’ve been working on a custom Extension (App) using the “Getting started” guide. The Extension has been working fine, running on my localhost at https://localhost:9000. Today, the Extension in the Airtable UI started showing the following message: { ...

Alex_M by 4 - Data Explorer
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input to more fields in todo-app

Hi!I'm trying to adjust the example todo-app by adding an input field when creating a new task.For example if I want to add a comment to a new task that should be created simultaneously. In my code below I get a form field to add the comment and the ...

Cannot init Hello World example extension

When I run block init I get the following error: Downloading template... done Extracting template... done Installing dependencies... Error › Warning: ❌ Something failed! Cleaning up... Error: Process exit with error 1 I’m using npm 8.3.1 and ...

How can I bundle external css files with block?

Hi there, This question is for the Airtable team. I see that you are using browserify to bundle the block code, would love to also be able to bundle external css files with the block, instead of loading them asynchronously using loadCSSFromURLAsync (...

Resolved! Clarity around Blocks API rate limit

Hello, I’m reading documentation here on the rate limits for the Blocks API and I’d like some clarity around these two statements: Batch methods ( updateRecordsAsync , createRecordsAsync , deleteRecordsAsync ) may only update/create/delete up to 50 ...

Eugene_Kim by 6 - Interface Innovator
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JSON Export App/Block

I am looking to export data from my airtable into JSON format. I am working with a Firebase Application, and I want to be able to collect data in AirTable, export it, and then dump it into a Firebase JSON based Database. Has anyone written a script/b...

Can't updateRecordAsync - Long Text Field

I'm trying to generate some content using OpenAi's new ChatGPT API and I'm having an issue with updating the record field in my table with the response from their API. I have no idea why but for some reason I can't update the Long Text Field with the...

clayc210 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Using primereact icons in custom extensions

Hi, I am trying to create a rather simple table view of linked records with some editing capabilities. As far as I managed to discover, the grid element is not available in the SDK, so am using using the Primereact library. It is going pretty well ov...

Andraz_Repar by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Getting the component name

Hi, I’m trying to get a component’s name and insert it as a class name. A google search tells me I should use, but that doesn’t seem to work here. Eg: function OrderLineItems(props) { return ( <section className={thi...

Tom_Keysers by 6 - Interface Innovator
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How does Airtable integrate Extension?

Hi guys, I was thinking about developing an Airtable extension myself, however, I couldn’t help my curious self but wonder how Airtable is actually integrating the extensions under the hood? How did they implement it so that once I run the Blocks CLI...


Guys, why don’t we have the method createViewAsync()? We can create tables now with base.createTableAsync(), but not views. It would be such handy because for each new volunteer we need a new personal view with predefined filters, and the creation of...

Maxim_KM by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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