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The best way to "unshare" an interface?

Hi! Does anyone know how to restrict access to a shared interface? I gave a read-only user access to an "editable" interface I made for my creators so that she couldn't utilize it. For her to submit information, I made a read-only version with a form...

Send message to Slack that mentioning multiple users

Hello everyone.I'm a Korean user, but there are still few AirTable users in Korea, so it's hard to find a solution, so I wrote to the community for the first time.I'm trying to use automation to send messages to Slack that mentions multiple users.I'v...

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이선호 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Date and time formula

I am using a date and time field that shows in ET- i.e 9/22/2023 11:00am. It was showing up in a weird way in automations, so i followed a formula that i saw in a pervious post to format it -DATETIME_FORMAT({Launch Date & Time},'M/D/YYYY \\at h:mma')...

Limi by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Filling in Name + Surname from email Address

Hi everyone! In one table, i got Name + Surname + Email AddressIn another table, i only got Email Address, but i need to fill in the Name + Surname that i have in the other table.How could i do this?Thanks a lotMarco

Dreamers by 4 - Data Explorer
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Formula into a single select

Hi,To explain a bit : We have workshops that happen on different dates and people can register to those in a form.So I created a formula with the name of the workshop + the date of the workshop. I want that, in the form, people can only chose on date...

SophieULB by 4 - Data Explorer
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Sum my monthly duration

Hello, all.I'm new to Airtable and I need to create a form that tracks how many hours my coaching team is meeting with individuals each month. Each entry would be a new meeting, and I meet with individuals only once each month. Ideally, it would all ...

TSE-619 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Formula formatting for Email merge field

Heyo!I'm stratching my head as to how exactly format a formula down to first .00 numbers for an email automation.Inspite what I've attempted it continues to display all 13 numbers for "M1" calcuation. Screenshots attached.

Daniel_Boys by 4 - Data Explorer
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Difference in Date for For Different Records w/ Same Serial Number

I am importing customer support tickets from another database (Hubspot) in an attempt to calculate the following:1) What is the duration between each ticket date (single field) for the same product serial number? The goal is to understand the average...

blankman by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to automated functions

Hello community I have been trying to solve an issue. I am looking for the correct formula to automatically fill the columns, (CCC Loads, variable expenses, fixed expenses) in the cost per mile calculator listed below. Those entries will be pull from...

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Jghost1800 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Multiselect Calculation

Im not sure how to ask this in order to look up suggestions. I have an order form that I created on a workstation. Based on the photographer, the client is given the options offered by that photographer. Once they select the options/services they wou...

shalablake by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Formula to Create Count of Records Based on a Criteria

I have a formula created that is predicated on creating a count by a criteria. We have a list of records and each line item has an associated email entered. I'm trying to create a formula that will be a running count based on the emails. Essentially ...

Mattlawsky by 4 - Data Explorer
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Total Teaching Hours

I am creating a hour tracker for my instructors (around 70 of them).  I have a requirement in which I show how many hours they taught each month.  In table 1 (Instructor Hours) I have everyone listed, with a formula field for total hours to date and ...

groy8285 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! % formula for automated email to show correctly.

I am going cross eyed trying to figure out the correct formula for getting a % field to show up in an automated email as a whole number %. Either rounded up or down. I have tried so many and it still is not pulling correctly. I have tried round up, c...

shalablake by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resume Parsing

Hi All,Is there any option if I upload a resume in My Airtable base and with the help of any extension,  parse the basic information like Name/Email ID/Contact No./Current Company in respective field.I agree that I am expecting too much from Airtable...

Using linked records to create a list of filenames

Hello, I've looked around for an answer to this but haven't found one yet, apologies if I've been looking in the wrong place or the answer is obvious.My airtable has a list of filename prefixes in one field and a corresponding number of files in anot...

Reset Autonumber each year

Hello - I could use some help with a formula or automation to get what I'm trying to achieve to happen.We have job numbers that are coded as follows:23 = year1 or 2 = office identifier0001 = job number for the yearExample: 2310023 What I need to happ...

John_M by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Help/Any Solutions?

Hello All,I need to migrate all of my records from an old base in to a new base.  The records in the old base have been assigned a number (through Auto ID plus a formula).  We are leaving the old base behind, importing all of the records in to the ne...

Rita_Spanu by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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