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using sum values in grouped fields for other formulas

How do I use sum values automatically calculated when grouping fields for other formulas?I have to calculate the sum of values of a grouped field in other formulas. Is it possible? someone told about rollup, but I did not manage to obtain any useful ...

Screenshot 2024-04-12 alle 13.06.15.png

Formula for "is subtask" scenario

I have a simple task tracker with a single table containing a list of tasks.  I have a self-linking field to allow for a single level of subtasks.  I primarily use Interface lists to view tasks.  However, I also assign tasks to be completed by varyin...

Hardest Problem I've Ever Encountered

Okay guys, got a doozie... Basically, in the screenshot I have a table, which is the main table that 99% of things sprout off from. We have customers, who through a webflow form are able to select accessories to add on to their purchase. That gets re...

GolfCartsUSA by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Age Eligibilty

Hi! I am unsure if it is possible to create a formula to make this work for my school, please help!I have a base created to track all applicants. We offer 5 trade classes each held 3 times a year that have a minimum age requirement; age 16yrs and 8mt...

Table linked to itself

I have a table linked to itselfA Lookup field type still works fineBut a Count field type always returns the value 1 when in some cases it should be more than 1

add +100 on each new row

Hey,Something super basic to do in any excel, python script etc. but how to get in in Airtable?I want to create some kind of ID for each customer. First customer has number 900100, and each new one (this is a child table) should get the number +100, ...

Tecky_x by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Limit data submission by user

I would like to limit the number of rows created in a table. I am planning to have a limited data entry period with 100 users where each user can only put in 10 rows of data. How would I achieve this with Airtable?

lmac by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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