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Fill in cell as '1' if the formula gives 'NaN'.

The cell gives an error (NaN) when the linked table does not contain any linked records. I want to create a formula that will fill-in the cell as '1' if the 'average (values)' is not possible. Thank you.


Count unique values in a column by another column

Hello All,This is my first post here & I am an Airtable newbie.I am trying to get my table to show the number of unique values for 1 column based on another column.Here is an example of my data:I want to insert a column that counts the number of uniq...


Remove date/time from field

I just started using Airtable and I'm trying to remove the date/time from a column or create a new column that has the date/time removed with just the remaining text. The column is linked to another airtable and it is using the primary field, so I do...

JJJ by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Control text from a list

I have the followign problem.In a cell I have a list of tags, separated by a comma, i.e.Apple, Banana, GrapeThen I have a control list of allowed tags, that isApple, Banana, StrawberrySo, the formula should eliminate the tags Grape is it is a now all...

Ingredient stock rollup

Hello,We are a vitamin supplement company and we buy ingredients from all over the world. We have 178 different ingredients which are used to create 17 products.  Sometime the same ingredients will be used for five different products.We want to creat...

MoniK by 4 - Data Explorer
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Seeking Guidance on Dynamic Ranking System in Airtable

Hello Airtable Community!I'm currently working on implementing a dynamic ranking system for my gaming challenge, and I'd love some guidance on using Airtable for this purpose.Project Overview:I want to create a fluctuating Rank Rating like Elo/MMR in...

Creating a Service Level Check

Hello,Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.We have a ticket system whereby people submit by form an action and it's completed with a time stamp; with a goal of completing every request within 8 hours.Currently we determine if the time compl...

GaymerTrav by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Field needed that displays most recent status based on date field

(Similar to this post though with an additional layer)I have a table with Interactions. There's a Status single-select field and a Timestamp field (since this data is being imported from elsewhere) that shows when the data was captured in the origina...

ConnorTomasko by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Conditional Formulas for VAT

Hi, I'm new to airtable and am trying to get a simple conditional VAT formula to work. I feel like I am circling the solution but I'm not quite there. Essentially I am trying to track various hires and purchases for work, some of which have VAT and s...

cevison2 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Attachment URLS

I know I am late to the game here. I have been ignoring the updates until now. I currently have uploads and the links for the uploads through a formula - which allows me to create a download button.I use these so in the public share link to my base -...


Resolved! Using Single Select Column data to make a Multiple Select Column

I have several single select columns with "yes/no" selection answers. I want to make a sort of if/than formula to combine the information from those yes/no columns. For example, in the photo below, there are columns a, b, c ,d, e. We will call those ...

UWC_GSP by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Matching Records Put Price From Table 1 to Table 2

Hi all,Just asking for a kick in the right direction for a formula, extension/script and/or automation that'll put the PriceInput value from my Price List table into the Database1 table (whether it's displayed in the Lookup or thrown into the PriceOu...

Formula help

Small charity here thank you for reading!  I am trying to make a sign up sheet for volunteers to sign up to wrap Christmas presents for children - that bits sorted.  But I need to sort parking for them. On the main base theres a linked column that pu...

Resolved! Formula to return a date based on a "created" date and a variable

Hi all! I am back looking for support with a formula to return a date based on a "created" date and a variable.So far I've been trying to get an IF statements with a DATETIME_FORMAT included to work, but I'm making no progress...My Goal: Create a col...

Spruce by 6 - Interface Innovator
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