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Resolved! Counting task completion

Hi all!I've been scratching my head and couldn't solve the problem quickly, so I'm asking for your help.I need to display a progress bar with the percentage of completion of a specific task, under which there are subtasks. In order to understand the ...

flavich by 4 - Data Explorer
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Does ANY value from Field A match ANY value from Field B?

Hi, everyone! It's my first post, and I'm relatively new to Airtable and to databases more broadly. Hoping for some help.I'm using a base to organize staff for a conference. Volunteers are attending some sessions and working other sessions. I have a ...

xtj by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! How to collect data from a workweek??

Hi!I'm new to the Airtable community, I'm still finding my way around. I hope all is well!Sooooo, Im wanting to create a smoother process for sending out invoices to my sub-contractors for a work week (Mon- Sun). I have come across a bump!Let's prete...

Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 12.18.12 AM.png Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 12.19.25 AM.png
star_EF by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to set up percentage conversion view in the dashboard?

Hello Airtable community! Our team has recently transitioned our CRM system to Airtable and configured a dashboard for straightforward reporting to our leadership.In our setup, we have a "Status" column that includes several choices. I've arranged a ...

vlad_evst by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Formula to display most recent input based on multiple field

Hi there - I am looking to create a column that will essentially lookup the field values of columns Q1 - Q4 and output the latest number.We input quarterly projections and want to be able to identify the most recent number by looking at 1 field ("lat...

ta2530 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Pulling pieces of information from one field to another

I currently have a 'Date' field that shows year, month and date. I am trying to create a new 'Year' field that is just for the year. Is it possible to create a formula or automation that allows for my new 'Year' field to automatically pull the year f...

ivy by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Formula help? Should be simple

Hey there,I've been trying to achieve the following for a few hours now, but without any luck.STEP 1: I track the time I spend on a certain activity (# session in minutes column in screenshot)STEP2:  I also sum up the time I spent across all sessions...

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 11.16.21.png

Find keywords in a string, then assign a tag

Hello!I'm quite new to airtable and have been unsuccessfully trying to solve this for a while now. I'd like to assign a tags to a record based on keywords in a long text field. For simplification. Let's assum guests at a wedding text me their food op...

leMans_1-1706210087867.png leMans_2-1706210221760.png
leMans by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Auto Checkbox

Is there a formula to have a checkbox automatically checked if the current date is later than a specific date field in that record?  We want to be able to sort by "eligible" records and have it automatically updated as each goes past its "eligible da...

Help splitting multiple select field into individual records

Hi! I am working on maintaining student learning records. I have two multiple select fields: one with "Student" names and one with demonstrated "Competency". I would love to create new rows for each combination of Student and Competency, and copy ove...

tdstarkey by 4 - Data Explorer
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IF <X> Range = checkbox

I'm new to Airtable and I need a formula to check a box from a form submission.IF >=0, 3>= then True (Checkbox 1)IF >=4, 6>= then True (Checkbox 2)IF >=7, 9>= then True (Checkbox 3)IF >=10, 12>= then True (Checkbox 4)I have an automation that sends a...

ksaycdc by 4 - Data Explorer
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Hi I really need help for this and I have a deadline. So basically, I was wondering if there's a way that I can create a formula that add's up the number of time "" is used across all fields and shows the result as a number in the "s Used" field.. Fo...

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 6.58.47 AM.png
romilm by 4 - Data Explorer
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Date is just ... inexplicably wrong (today() formula)

I have a complicated string of formulas that is setting due dates. The short of it is I have a "complete" column (checkmark) and "Date completed" (static field). A task is completed and marked with a checkmark in complete where it stays visible all d...