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Mobile Number extraction

Hi,  I am trying to clean up info from online forms we receive from another company. I need to extract the mobile numbers so that I can automate the contact process as CRM.Anyway, I have a reference column with the name "message". In there is text as...

Resolved! Formula - No text format available?

Hello,I have a very simple request.I simply need to generate a formula to compute the first and last name of my contacts.However, as simple it is, I do not have the text format in the formatting bar. Only Number, Currency, Percent and Duration.Then i...

Frank246 by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to use a formula in an email (automation)

Hello All, I am new to Airtable & have searched but could not find a solution to my query. My table has the following fields (and a couple of more). 5 days before the due date, I send myself a reminder mail. And, this seems to be fine (preview tell...

Vikas by 4 - Data Explorer
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IF this field is full use it otherwise use this field

Hi,I am creating a formula for my fixed field for a sponsor base. Not all sponsors have business names; therefore I am looking for a formula that will be something along the lines of:IF({Business Name (from Contacts)}, {Business Name (from Contacts)}...

IFconfused by 4 - Data Explorer
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Strip time from date and add a new time

(i edited this to make more sense hopefully浪)I want to create a new date and time, by stripping the time from a date, add a certain number of days, then add a duration field back as a new time to the date such as :1/3/24 11:00 am   to   1/3/24    add...

Mike_Shaw1 by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Limiting Duplicate Text in Lookup Cells

Hello-I have a lookup cell that is pulling data from multiple cells. The results are showing a list of topics. The topics are repeated (as they're pulling from different cells). You can see, for example, that "Space" is being pulled multiple times. I...

LaurenMaine by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Google Drive Folders Synced to Record

I have a table that is creating a record for each client that completes a form. I have another table on the same base which is a synced google drive table with all client folders. Is there a formula/automation I can use to link the "open in google dr...

tahsinh by 4 - Data Explorer
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Price per Square Foot

Hi! I thought a simple formula shown below would calculate price per square foot for my table. {Price} / {Building SqFt} Both Price and BuildingSqFt are columns in my table, so I am not sure why the formula gives me an ERROR response. What formula do...

Admin_LI by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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DATETIME_FORMAT returning wrong time

I am using a DATETIME_FORMAT formula to reformat a Date input field and make it pretty. For some reason no matter what time I put in to the Date input field the formula field spits out a time exactly four hours later. Anyone know why this is happenin...

Resolved! Group by / Unique Values

Hi everyone,I am wondering if there is a workaround/solution without using or scripting.I have data in one column for example. The column is a linked field.Items | Qty_to_BuyA|5A|1B|1B|1B|6C|10 I want to create a table with the following out...

aryan201215 by 4 - Data Explorer
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