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Filter a date formula?

I have a column with the type formula and it populates the date, but when I try to filter that date it treats it as a text, is there a way to treat that date as a date when filtering? meaning that I can filter by today or filter by date within a cert...

Calculate Sending Birthday Card

I need a formula for calculating when to send a birthday card that will return a date 10 days prior to the person’s birthday. So if the person’s birthday is 10-10-2019, I want the formula to calculate 10 days prior, or 09-30-2019, returning a date fo...

Les_Fenter by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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State Abbreviation

I have created a base for my classmates to update their contact info. How can I make the state field the 2 letter abbreviation vs the state name spelled out?

Kelly_C by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Maximum formula length

Not really a bug, I guess… In an earlier post, I said something like I can’t imagine the formula you cite could come anywhere close to maxing out Airtable’s maximum formula length or even a maximum line length (if such a thing exists); I’m guessing...

Create formula with multiple linked columns

Hi! I’ve been a casual user of AirTable for a few years now, but at my current new job I’ve decided to spread the gospel so I’m building my first bases from scratch. Turns out not as easy as I thought! I have two tables, one tracking external compani...

Conditional Formulas & Case in Single Select

Conditional Formulas seem not to work if a Single Select field is the condition when lowercase letters are used in that Single Select field. For example IF({Paid} = “paid”, “Yes”, “No”) doesnt work if Paid field consists of single select of paid or u...

Field to 'look up' from two different tables?

Hi there, I run a coffee service business. i have a table called “scheduling”, and then one for “sales orders”, and another “work orders”. my schedule for my driver includes a mix of coffee deliveries and work orders. So I would like to be able to ...

Formula Multiple 3 fields

What I want to do is insert a formula in an airtable field that multiply’s values I input in Hourly rate, hours and rate fields. This is the formula I have tried but I get an error {Hourly Rate}HoursRate I’ve attached the spead sheet image of what I...