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Button field - clickable telephone link

It appears that "tel:" hyperlinks does not work to create a button that opens a URL to call a phone. The button is not clickable.However, the "mailto:" URL shortcut works, but not "tel:"Are there any workarounds to this that will put a clickable link...

Ian_Ayers by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Filter sales this month.

This will be a long post, and a intricate task because Airtable somehow in 2023 doesn't have a "date is current month" type of filters.I want to in my interface dashboard to summarize the total sales value within the current month. And in a statistic...

Ruben_Rossvold_0-1681997933278.png Ruben_Rossvold_1-1681998226053.png

Need help with Inventory table for my Short Term Rental.

Hello, I am using airtable to keep track of inventory for my Short Term Rental.I have an "Inventory" table + an "Update Inventory" table.When my cleaner is counting inventory in my STR she'll click on the "Update Inventory" button on my inventory tab...

rtlew by 4 - Data Explorer
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Count number of days in a date column

Dear Airtable Community, I have a board with records organized with date field and category list.1 - I would like to count the number of days in this record. If 4 records are posted with the same date I want it to count 1.Ex : 01/01/2022 I have 4 rec...

Delphine by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Icon library for formulas and Interface text fields

Can anyone recommend a license-free icon library compatible with Airtable Formulas and Interface Text fields? I see them used in templates, but would love to have access to a complete library.

rcrook by 4 - Data Explorer
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