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Sales & Purchases

Hi everyone,I would be grateful to everyone who offers solutionsI have two linked tables: Problem 1  ResolvedI need a formula for the "Status" column that will display such statuses: Problem 2When I add a new record to the "Sales" table, I need to m...

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Eugenek by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resume Parsing

Hi All,Is there any option if I upload a resume in My Airtable base and with the help of any extension,  parse the basic information like Name/Email ID/Contact No./Current Company in respective field.I agree that I am expecting too much from Airtable...

Using linked records to create a list of filenames

Hello, I've looked around for an answer to this but haven't found one yet, apologies if I've been looking in the wrong place or the answer is obvious.My airtable has a list of filename prefixes in one field and a corresponding number of files in anot...

Weekly Events Auto Populates at a range of Dates

Hello I wanted to create a base that will auto populate Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and so on for a number of date, Date is linked to another base which is synced to that base with a view.The purpose of this is we have a product that has a weekly interac...

Link to another record across multiple tables

Hello community! We use airtable as an ATS (applicant tracking system) and now would like to extend it to project management.I have 2 different tables: candidates and jobs. I now want to create a new task table (classical kanban project management) w...

Group Data and sync to another base (including Tabs layout from source)

hi All, I´m quite new in creating my own bases etc. And I´m struggling with the following. Not even sure Airtable can provide this. The case is the following:I´m working with a campaign which includes multiple types of Activities (Asset Type) and tho...

CP_30 by 4 - Data Explorer
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