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Base not loading

I know Airtable was experiencing issues this morning but I continue to have trouble with bases not loading. Anyone else? I have tried all recommended troubleshooting and one base in particular that is showing an issue with records loading is one of m...

emilykay by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to Reset 429 Error | Too Many Requests

I'm running a handful of automations with Zapier and am now getting a 429 error for too many requests.I've turn off EVERY automation related to AirTable. Nothing has run for 4 days. But I'm still getting 429 errors, despite AirTable docs saying to wa...

crossbeats by 4 - Data Explorer
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Anyone who can edit can share your data? Is this accurate?

Hello,I have been building a database for my small newspaper/publishing company. We want to track accounts information, ad orders and runs. It's important information.It seems to me on the pro plan that anyone can share any table by default is they'r...

testtest49 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Cannot add password due to Gmail Login

Hi all,I'm having trouble to add a password to my Airtable account. I've ever used login throught Gmail but now I need to add a Password. I click to the field "Add a Password" in my Account page but I never receive the email to set it up. I've tried ...

Resolved! Allow unrestricted access to shared forms

We are looking to enable users outside our domain (parents of our students) to submit a form with an attachment. If we turn on the setting "Allow unrestricted access to shared forms" at the org level what other impact might that have from a security ...

MichaelJS by 4 - Data Explorer
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2 Step Authentication - Can't submit phone number

Hi Airtable team,I am from Vietnam and my country code is +84. I am trying to set up 2 Step Authentication but when submitting my phone number, it keeps showing the Error: "Error submitting phone number; please try again."Does anyone have any ideas t...

DanzTruong by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Form into kanban

Hey, i'm looking at a way to populate a kanban record with data that has been populated in a form.The end goal is for users to enter details into a form and that will automatically pull into a kanban board for projects to be started.Any help would be...

Assignees that no longer work here

I've started considering Interfaces for my team of 5, but I have a question specific to "Assignee".Scenario: We run events. Each event (1 event is 1 airtable record) is led by one of our team members. Ideally, they use an interface to show them which...