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Creating a Dashboard

I use airtable to store metrics from our server systems, to log the capacity of our systems and alert us when it reaches or goes over a threshold. I want to create a dashboard that can show the current capacity and create reports for capacity plannin...

samrao by 4 - Data Explorer
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Airtable Forms - Security

Hello Airtable Community,Is there capability within forms to capture ip addresses from those submitting the forms?  I would like to ensure that the form is being submitted by the persons intended and not forwarded or submitted twice.  How secure are ...

Mei by 4 - Data Explorer
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New Home Screen not user friendly

With the new "Home Screen" I can't:Sort workspaces using drag and drop or bases even alphabetically. Move multiple bases to another workspaceMake it show permanently only the bases and not the interfacesThat's not very user friendly because:I have a ...

Ilias_T by 6 - Interface Innovator
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one to one

I am trying to use rollup, and not sure this is working the way I want. I think it would be easier if there is someone out there if they would be willing to have a quick chat on direction. No sure if this is appropriate, so please let me know. 

rfscott2016 by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! Will the Airtable Team Address the Latest UI Update Fail?

Given all the complaints & negative feedback relating to the latest homepage UI update is the Airtable team going to address them in a meaningful way besides individual responses? I've even had Airtable support members agree with me they can't stand ...

Table / Dashboard relationship help

I want to have an automation/setting/lock that when I click a certain table tab, it switches to a certain dashboard... can I do this ?The reason is in Dashboard 1 I have a map API showing locations based on addresses in that particular table.I want t...

theskiffguy by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Orders & Subscriptions Question

Context:I have three tables. Customers, subscriptions, and orders. A customer can have multiple subscriptions, and a subscription can have multiple orders. Every time a customer fills out the order form, it is created in the order table. So a 1-month...

Awais by 4 - Data Explorer
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Creating master list of tables

We are using Airtable to inventory and create our perfume formulas. We have one Base for the Working Formulas. We would like to create a table that automatically creates a record whenever a new table is created in the base. This way we will be able t...

Resolved! hide Submit button

Is it possible for the submit button on a form to not be visible until all of the conditional fields are satisfied? 

Global_LINK by 4 - Data Explorer
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Gantt View: Click and Drag Feature is Broken

Hi there! I've been searching across the Airtable (AT) community for answers, and none so far.I am trying to create a production schedule that has multiple dependencies across time. I followed the template that AT provided. I also included a new form...

Hiding a Record with Specific Single-Select Status

Hello,I'm looking for a way to hide records that have a certain single-select status.For example, I have some statuses like 'Pre-Production, Production, Published, Archvied' and I want to create a view where all records with the status of 'Archived' ...

Reordering Linked Items

Not sure how to make suggestions to Airtable developers, so I'm putting mine here. Am I the only one who would think it'd be cool if we could reorder the items in a linked field's cell? The way that, say, one could reorder songs in a playlist in Spot...

Capturing data from a Form for TV series

I require a client to advise me of the show name, ep & series number and duration of each ep they are sending me.I've created a form which works great but only for a single entry. I need them to be able to do bulk sending of this dataI know I could c...

BigJ by 4 - Data Explorer
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Enable rich Text Formatting' feature doesn't work

The 'Enable rich Text Formatting' feature doesn't work in some base but not all.Even if it's activated, I can not see any modal to format the text.I tried with different computers and my phone. I still have this problem.

Lery by 4 - Data Explorer
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Rich text formatting not working on my main table

Does anyone have a fix for this? Just randomly out of the blue Rich Text Formatting has stopped working for my main table that I use. By not working I mean that if I write something in a Long Text field (with RTF enabled) the little popup to do bold,...

Transform columns into rows

Hi, I have a table in airtables that has the following columns1.persons first 2. last name and 3. regular hours worked 4. overtime hours worked 5. hazard hours worked.I would like to transform the different type of hours worked columns into individua...