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Reorganizing Projects in Project Management Template

Help! I am using the Project Management template and in the broad view on Projects I can reorganize the projects into whatever order I want them in. However, when I get down into the Project and Project detail base (in List view), the only way I see ...

Amber1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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See all the bases and tables a table is linked to

Hi, I'm getting ready to delete a table, but first I want to see all the bases and tables it's linked to. I know about the Base Schema Extension, which works to see relationships within a base but I want to know about relationships between bases as w...

Resolved! looking for online training on Airtable

hi all, i am new to airtable, and i am looking for a training or certification program to learn it all and pass a certification. Have not seen where to go yet.anyone knows of a clear and well structured training i can subscribe and follow? Any feedba...

bernardcollin by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Tracking inventory with bin locations

Hi, I’m tracking inventory coming in and out of my warehouse.   I have a shipment table where i enter a record in each time something gets received OR shipped out of the warehouse.   When the material is received i have a field to enter the bin locat...

Meatball by 4 - Data Explorer
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Create Event no longer does anything on iPhone

On the iPhone I have a table where each record represents a calendar event (gigs for my musical duo).  It used to be that I could an individual record, go to the Date field, and click Create Event and Airtable would create a calendar event in my iPho...

Updating record based on form submission and unique ID lookup

I've looked at a few posts that deal with updating an existing record based on a form submission, but haven't found anything that addresses my particular need.I have a base to keep track of volunteers. It includes general contact info, which groups t...

bertiep by 4 - Data Explorer
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Can you create a many-to-many relationship within a table?

I have a list of elements in a single table I want to be able to demonstrate many-to-many relationships between them. I created a linked record to select elements, but it doesn't update in the record for the selected elements. How do I get it to appe...

spamspam by 4 - Data Explorer
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Several recurring dates per customer file

Hello everybody,I am trying to create my first table on Airtbale and I cannot create a table which includes the names of my clients and for each of them, the dates of the declarations to be made each month. I want a calendar view that tells me, for e...

Cecile by 4 - Data Explorer
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resume table of 3 tables linked by 3 columns

Hi every one, I'm just trying to create a table that shows 3 tables together. Each table is been filled by data fetcher, each table is a channel sources. Meta, Google, etc, with the results grouped by year, month and week (Is like the data comes from...

charleskot by 4 - Data Explorer
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Bringing in and maintaining a customer base + non customers

HolaWe are a charity/NFP who has been working on a basic "help our volunteers be able to do their job" system for a while. Tried everything, it looks like one of our key issues can be solved by AirtableWe are aiming to use Airtable as simple terrotor...

CKARC by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Cannot login to Airtable

All of a sudden, Airtable is freezing and only loading a small subset of the web interface.] I've tried clearing all browsing history in Chrome, and still same issue. I also tried with Edge, same issue. Anyone experienced the same issue? I'm complete...


Build a form letter in airtable to email to customer

I would like to build a library of follow up emails that are stored in a table that will go out to customers at different times depending on where they are in the sales process.  I would like to personalize the emails and provide some other specific ...