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Write Only API Token

I would like to have visitors to my website signup for mailing list , and submit email address direct to my Airtable from HTML web form. I can successfully do all that now, BUT the same API token can be used to READ the entire table… How can my API t...

Psytron by 4 - Data Explorer
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Error in accept submissions or create new records

Hi everybody,I don't know why but either if I give an editor view to some colleagues, they cannot add fields, fill a form.The error is " cannot accept submissions because only some collaborators can create new records" The problem is that there are n...

SFranzini by 4 - Data Explorer
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Removing deleted collaborators from drop-down menus

I am having trouble figuring out how to remove collaborators that have already been deleted from the account from showing up in drop-down menus (field type = collaborator) when assigning projects. We only have 3 active users on the Team, but all the ...

Resolved! Need Help creating a laundry Booking system

HelloI need help with creating a Laundry Booking systemLooking to create a calendar view with the ability to let people book a time slot to use one of the Washing or Drying machines in my Building.The booking info can then be displayed on another tab...

Bertie by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to share a view with "editor" possibilities?

Hi, I’m using AirTable with my clients. I created a base for each clients. One view in this base is a kind of “workspace”, shared with my client. I wanna share with him this view, allowing him to edit things, upload and download files, write question...

Collaborative placement with the round robin principle

Hey, Automatically, orders from my website are entered into a table. I have to assign one worker each time to the order’s row in a certain order (round robin). I haven’t found a suitable method online and would appreciate any suggestions you may have...

Count Instances of Links

I know I can use count to count the number of links that occur, but does anyone have a solution for counting the number of times the main column occurs in a link. So for this example here I’d like to have a column that tells be how many times a “Name...

K9_Nut by 4 - Data Explorer
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I want Read Only users to be able to filter the data

Hi, I have an Airtable database where I have used the create link feature for sharing the table. So, people can join my database with their email as a Read Only user. But unfortunately, they did not get the option like filters, sorts, groups, etc. op...

RFID Triggered Habit Tracker

Wondering if there is anyone interested collaborating on the creation of a habit tracker base I’ve been working on. The idea is this: Place those paperthin RFID tags in the places where my habit takes place. Reading → Kindle Cover Exercise → On my s...

Enterprise User Groups

Enterprise - started making User groups but they are not showing up. Do I need to re-share the workspace with the user group? Also, I have some users who are part of several groups, and each group may have different user levels. How do I ensure only ...

Wish to share a table with family members

Wanted to share a table and give them the rights to add comments to the table (in pre-defined columns for each individual). Right now I can only share “read-only” rights as I tried to share an editable table and was suddenly charged for 2 additional ...

Users can only edit records they created

My department tracks work tasks in Airtable. Occasionally someone edits something by mistake. The editor account can prevent changes the fields. Is there some one way to prevent a user from editing another user’s record. Example: Chris can edit any r...

Resolved! Password Protect Interface?

Really excited about the new permissions for the interfaces :raised_hands: Now maybe I am just not seeing the option, but is there any way to add a simple password protect for viewing the interface? Like we have for sharing specific views? Thanks!

Deborah by 4 - Data Explorer
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Error message on shared base view

Help! I have a base which about 75 people need to view every day (multiple times a day), so I have been sharing the read-only base view which does use a password. Now it’s failing to work and saying “Login expired - please re-login.” Yes, they re-ent...

Kim_Sage by 4 - Data Explorer
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