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Can I have Year (YYYY) ONLY be read as a date?

Hi! I am using Airtable to create an inventory of items in a museum of education related items. The vast majority of the items in our collection only have a year attributed to the item (i.e. class of '89, picture taken 1976, Spring 1935, etc). I am w...

How to filter by current month?

I have a table that contains subscription dates using the date field. I’m trying to create a new grid view with a filter that just shows dates that fall into the current month. Seems simple, but I can’t figure it out. I can see how I can use the “is ...

Date Limited Rollup Field Not Working?

I have a table of events that all have a start and end time/date.  The start field is "Start Datetime"For example, I have event that has a start datetime of 1/1/2019 at 11:00am.  All in a date field.  1/1/2019 specificially we use as a generic fallba...

Automation publishing wrong dates in google calendar

Hi all!I'm using Airtable to track leave requests and automatically add peoples approved leave requests to Google Calendar. Currently, I have 'Leave Start Date' and 'Leave End Date' date fields which are used as the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' of the...

user_533 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! How do you filter items by year?

I have searched for how to do this, but it seems unclear. There is no way to group by year, specifically. You can only select past year, next year, specific number of days, etc. So how do you group items by year?

Anxious by 7 - App Architect
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Locking to a time zone

This seems to be a commonly asked question but I am yet to see an answer that works for me. I am trying to build a base which will manage activity in our building in London UK. There is never a time that I don’t want any times entered to be treated a...

Help with autopopulated dates and calender

I've figured out how to create a formula that outputs a date that Airtable understands as a date (rather than a string of data) and have it appear on a calendar BUT is there a way to be able to drag said  item across the calendar so the dates change ...

nasw95 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Filter by a specific day of last month

I've set up a Table for recording my Staff working hours, moving from a paper system. Each day the staff member using a form, enters the date, name and number of hours worked, site location etc. When its time for payroll I want to create views that f...

sehenley by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Calendar sync - Timezones

In airtable, I've programmed a calendar with dates and times for specific events. The formula is as follows: IF({Override horaire cour 1}=0,IF(Ordre="1", DATETIME_PARSE(DATETIME_FORMAT({début},'MM/DD/YYYY')&' '&{Horaire c1h1}), DATETIME_PARSE(DATETIM...

abbi by 4 - Data Explorer
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