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Create links

Hello.I have a cell that we input text and then in another cell that text in converted to an urlIF({LINK}=BLANK(),"",""&{LINK})Ex:CN-349302 -------->  But what kind of formula can I create to convert...

Tiago_Relva by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Product Variant

How to make combinations of field in between columns : Exemple : Product ALPHA - VARIANT LINKED TO IT : SUBVARIANT-X - Items compatible 1,2,3. + SUBVARIANT-Y compatible 7,8,9- If I select SUBVARIANT-X : item 1. Then only SUBVARIANT 8 is compatible is...

Loïc by 4 - Data Explorer
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Link fields, existing and new email

Hello,I have a table called "applications" containing all the information of students who have applied for a grant. As part of the grant requirements, I'm requesting students to submit a final report. To facilitate this process, I'm using Fillout to ...

Eduriv by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Return list of zip codes by frequency

Suppose you have a series of records that include zip codes. There may be many of one zip code and a few of a bunch of others. How do I get a list of the frequency of these zip codes? So 14757 occurs 6 times and 14722 occurs 9 times and 20021 occurs ...

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 11.59.18 AM.png

I need some help with Twilio.

Hi everyone,I'm sure you've all heard about Air.AI or have seen a video discussing it.I'm currently attempting to work with Air.AI, but I've hit a roadblock, where I have to interact with my agent. Whenever I try to communicate with my agent, the web...

GoodNight by 4 - Data Explorer
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Attachment Deduping

Hi Community,I am pulling information from multiple records in a sync'd base into one record in a new base. By doing this I getting multiple images associated with this record, which I love. However some images are associated with multiple records in...

Mmingram by 4 - Data Explorer
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Displaying when value in one table exists in other table

Hello,I am using airtable for a two step form process.The first table is called "Event Request". When you submit the Event Request Form it makes a record in that table and assigns it a "Request ID" number via an auto-number field. Once that form is a...

dg777 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Choose one record from two single-select options

Suppose I have multiple products (Cola, Root Beer, and Diet Cola) that come in different sizes (6-pack and 2-liter). I currently have an interface set up where I can fill out a sales order where product and size are selected separately via single-sel...

tylero by 4 - Data Explorer
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Split multiple images to different records

Hi, im using softr form to upload people images to airtable and then print it to an dynamic list in sofrt, but if they attach multiple images, softr just shows the first, how can i split this multiple attachments to different records?If you have some...

joanq by 4 - Data Explorer
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